How should we behave at the table according to protocol?

( Take the second note: all those foods that yield to the pressure of the fork -a croquette, an egg or that omelette- must be broken with it) . The basic thing is respect for others and, above all, understanding that each country has its protocol. Wherever you go, do what you see. And it is that Carolina’s biggest piece of advice is : if you don’t know if something is done one way or another, imitate what the host does (he may be wrong, but at least you won’t make him look bad). However, what other things should we take into account?

Carolina Ferrer

The napkin, never on the table

When all the diners are seated, we will slowly place it on our knees. Be careful, the napkin should never be left on the table while we are eating and Of course, we should not use it as if it were a bib either. “The reason for placing it on our knees is that we must bring the food to our mouths and not our mouths to the food, hence we are the ones who must get slightly closer to the table,” says Carolina. That said, the napkin is used to protect our clothes in case we might drop something.

His thing is every time we want to drink, we use it before and after the drink. If its size is large, it will have to be folded 1/4 part of it and, when cleaning our lips, we will use only that folded part. Finally, if we have to get up from the table, we will leave it to the right of the plate, the same place where we will place it when we finish eating.

Carolina Ferrer

Cutlery: a little easier than you think do you think

Regarding the cutlery, no concerns, will be placed in order of use, from outside to inside. In other words, the guide fork, knife or spoon that we have to use is the one outside , which will be removed once we have finished. With which, for the next dish, we will return to take those that we have placed on the table. As simple as that. “In restaurants, it is increasingly common for to add all the cutlery for dessert, in a reduced size. Which calms the matter down , since we can accompany the last portion of pricking a flan with a fork and accompanying it to the spoon, to say the least”, he adds.

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