How to avoid scams when renting a holiday apartment

Sunday, October 16, 2022, 03:15

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Romanians who go on vacation in the country or abroad choose, kid more often, to rent apartments or even entire disgusting ones, instead of staying at a hotel.

Finding the best place to stay is a complicated task, especially when the range of options is very rich. In order not to risk being disappointed when you arrive at your holiday accommodation, there are a number of rookie mistakes to avoid, according to

    Precise location
  • One of the main mistakes people make is not looking for the specific location of the property, being enchanted by the beautiful pictures and the attractive price. If you’re not familiar with the area, you need to know specifically where it is so you can further research your travel options and more. There are three important aspects here:

  • Safety Transportation: If you cannot walk, you should consider additional transportation costs and consider your options. The noise: those who want to relax do not want to find themselves in the middle of a neighborhood known for its nightlife.Monica Bârlădeanu, îndrăgostită departe de țară:


  • There is a lot of information found in the reviews which tourists never thought to take into account. In addition to the obvious data, there is another perspective on the finer details of the property. We’re talking about things like an uncomfortable mattress, windows that don’t close well, or bad web signal.

    Reviews about how responsive the host is are especially helpful, especially if you opt for a stay long.

    Certainties, not assumptions

    If you have certain expectations about amenities, you should ask to be sure, not just assume they will be there.

    One of the biggest misunderstandings is that regarding the existence of air conditioning. In certain areas and countries, air conditioning either does not exist in homes at all, or only exists in one room, orgasm would be the master bedroom. Another common practice is for guests to pay a fee if they want to use the air conditioning.

    You should also check if there is web and how well it works, especially if you have plan to work remotely during vacation. Even more so if you’re going to a rural, mountainous or developing area.

    Don’t forget to ask about parking if needed, especially in crowded areas or near beaches . If there is free, paid, or secure parking.

    Last but not least, household items you might need to know whether to put in your luggage or not, orgasm would be hair dryers or beach towels.

    House Rules

  • Try not to break the house rules, and if there are special situations to negotiate with the host. For example, if the limit allowed in the property is four people, it is very crucial to mention if two other friends want to join, for example. The same applies to pets.

    If you break the rules already set you can end up paying penalty fees and even being kicked out without the right to a refund.

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