How to get soft hotel towels using a product you have in the kitchen

Over time, towels at home can lose their softness, but there is a product that we have in the kitchen that can help us recover it. The key to recovering the softness of our towels begins with a separate cleaning In the drum of the washing machine we will only place Separating towels, just as we would trick the rest of the laundry, the white ones from the colored ones.

The trick to make your towels softer

Towels GTRES Panthermedia Author: SEBNEM KOKEN

The sodium bicarbonate, in addition to its numerous uses in the kitchen, is one of those almost magical products with which we can follow beauty tricks, and which as a cleanser is also a star product.

How to use baking soda to make towels softer

We put a saucepan of baking soda o in the drum of the washing machine along with the towels, and we close the door. It is time to add the detergent as we would normally do and instead of fabric softener (we have already told you that the industrial kid is very polluting and we will explain to you how to make them at home), add the same amount of white vinegar or cleaning vinegar.

We wash at medium temperature (do not put it at 60 degrees, maximum 30 degrees) and let dry typical. The cotton towels will have regained their fluffiness and will now be soft. As much as those that we could find in a hotel.


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