HRT wants to raise awareness about Down's syndrome and they are showing the documentary 'Can I work?'

The documentary film by Ljiljana Bunjevac Filipović was also the reason for convening the “Conference on the employment of people with Down syndrome”, which will be held on the Day of people with Down syndrome, March 21, at the Westin hotel in Zagreb

Croatian Radio and Television (HRT) on Sunday, March 19, on the First Program (HRT-HTV1) at 8:15 p.m. premieres the documentary movie by Ljiljana Bunjevac Filipović “Can I work?
” It is interesting that the HTV documentary “Can I work?”, directed by Ljiljana Bunjevac Filipović, was also the reason for convening the “Conference on the employment of persons with Down syndrome” which will be held on Down Syndrome Day March 21 at the Westin hotel in Zagreb.

At the conference the Minister of Labor and Social Welfare Marin Piletić
and representatives of numerous associations, state bodies and agencies and employers will participate. The mentioned movie will also be shown at the conference, and in this way HRT wants to promote awareness of Down syndrome, as well as the need for the inclusion of people with Down syndrome in society, therefore this movie has a wider social significance. Namely, the documentary film “Children of Love” by the same author ten years ago significantly contributed to the integration of children with Down syndrome in kindergartens and schools, and now the same is happening with the employment of such persons.

Let us remind you that Toni, Ivan, Marina, Ivica and Matej are young people who were born with Down syndrome. They are an example of how one should not be prejudiced and how, with a lot of will, desire, effort and help from the environment, they can succeed and realize their dreams. Many people don’t like their jobs. But Tonija, Ivan, Marina, Ivica and Mateja can’t wait until the weekend is over and they can get up early on Monday, get ready and go to work themselves. It’s simple, they love to work, they love their colleagues at work and nothing is difficult for them.

” For years, very little was known or talked about in our public about children born with Down syndrome. When I met the boy fifteen years ago with Down syndrome who started the first grade in a regular school, it was a discovery for me that needed to be shared. And that’s how the first movie about children with Down syndrome “Children of Love” was born. I often thought afterwards what happened to such children afterwards. Did they manage to finish school
, what do they do, did they maybe manage to get a job? And then I meet young people with Down syndrome who are working. Again, a discovery that should be shared Not only are they successful at work, they work, as they say, with gusto, but also work colleagues
are very satisfied with them. They say, these young people have ennobled them. Is there any greater satisfaction than working in an environment that encourages you and that you encourage?!” said director Ljiljana Bunjevac.

Kak you are young people from whom we could learn a lot about the value of work and respect for colleagues, this documentary reveals. The script and direction are by Ljiljana Bunjevac Filipović, cinematographers are Damjan Petrović, Marko Jerbić, Helena Mahović, composer Matej Meštrović. Production: HTV2022 Watch the documentary “Can I work?” on Sunday March 19
at 8.15 pm on the First Program of HRT.


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