HVS Report – 2022 European Hotel Transactions – By Shaffer Patrick, Matthias Hecht and Serena Yang

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HVS Report-2022 European hotel Transactions- By Shaffer Patrick, Matthias Hecht and Serena Yang

HVS goes over the primary hotel deals that happened in2022and takes a look at the patterns in single-asset and portfolio deals throughout the years.



The post-COVID age was anticipated to have actually been a story of strong healing in the hotel financial investment market. The Russian intrusion of Ukraine in February2022, which sustained big boosts in energy and food rates, general inflation and for that reason interest rates, resulted in a blended photo for hotel deals for the year. Still reaching EUR133 billion, overall volume in2022fell brief of 2021 by 18%, with 37 less deals. Rates per space attained greater levels usually than in 2021, led by substantial cost boosts in portfolio deals.

Total Transaction Volume

Chart 1: Total Assets Average Price Per Room 2015-22

Source: HVS– London Office

Pricing & & Deal Size

  • The typical rate per space was EUR235,000 in 2022, a boost of 13% over 2021;-LRB-
  • Hotels that negotiated in 2022 had approximately 128 spaces, which is lower than in 2021 (-19%).

Chart 2: Total hotel Investment Volume 2008-22

Source: HVS– London Office


  • Deal volume was greatest towards completion of the year, with Q4 being the year’s greatest quarter of activity (as is typically the case);-LRB-
  • Deal activity outmatched 2021 in between February and April and in August and September.

Chart 3: Total Asset Quarterly Volume 2022 Vs 2021

Source: HVS– London Office

Chart 4: Top Countries– Total Asset Activity By Volume (EUR)

Source: HVS– London Office

Chart 5: Top Cities– Total Asset Activity By Volume

Source: HVS– London Office

Activity by Investor Type

  • Real Estate Investment Companies were the most active financiers in 2022, being both the biggest purchasers and the biggest sellers of hotels by volume. Personal Equity companies were the second-most-active sellers, with Institutional Investors being the second-most-active purchasers;-LRB-
  • Institutional Investors were likewise the biggest net purchasers in 2022, getting EUR2.0 billion more than they offered. The biggest net sellers were Undisclosed, with more than EUR2.3 billion in disposals, followed by High-Net-Worth Individuals with EUR1.4 billion in disposals, as displayed in Chart 7;-LRB-
  • As displayed in Chart 6, European groups represented 73% of overall hotel deals in 2022.

Chart 6: Total Deal Activity By Region

Source: HVS– London Office

Chart 7: Capital Flows By Investor Type (EUR)

Source: HVS– London Office

Chart 8: Capital Flows By Investor Region (EUR)

Source: HVS– London Office

Single Assets

Single property deal activity decreased in 2022, as financiers kept residential or commercial properties owing to their quickly increasing top-line efficiency, with RevPAR going beyond 2019 levels in a lot of cases.

  • Single possession deal volume in 2022 amounted to EUR8.8 billion, disappointing 2021 volumes by 14%;-LRB-
  • The UK maintained its crown as the most liquid market in Europe, and Spain strengthened its position as the 2nd most in-demand financial investment market in Europe;-LRB-
  • The year had some clear winners, with France going up into 3rd location (as displayed in Chart 9) and edging previous Germany, which had actually been regularly the second-most liquid European market pre-pandemic;-LRB-
  • Collectively, the leading 3 markets in Europe this year represented 50% of the whole single possession volume.

Chart 9: Single Asset Top Countries Breakdown By Volume (EUR)

Source: HVS– London Office

Chart 10: Single Asset Investment Volumes 2005-2022

Source: HVS– London Office

Chart 11: Single Asset Transaction Volume By Quarter 2022 vs 2021

Source: HVS– London Office

Investment Volume by City

Some significant European cities brought in considerably more financier attention than they carried out in 2021, adding to their particular nations’ development in 2022:

  • Madrid reached 2nd location, behind London, with an overall volume of EUR498 million (a 23% boost on 2021), with offers such as the hotel Princesa Plaza Madrid. Paris, where volume increased by a remarkable 49%, increasing from 6th location in 2021, followed Madrid in 3rd location;-LRB-
  • Italy’s single property hotel costs taped approximately EUR560,000 per space ( 60%), which was driven by numerous prominent acquisitions, consisting of the Rosewood Castiglion del Bosco resort in Tuscany. Rome, in specific, saw a volume boost of 883% versus 2021, consisting of the deal of the W Rome, raising the Eternal City to the fourth-highest deal volume of any European city in 2022;-LRB-
  • Both Amsterdam and Brussels returned as leading financial investment markets in 2022, taping the 5th- and sixth-highest single property volumes of any European city in 2022, respectively.

Investor Type

  • Institutional financiers were 2022’s biggest net purchasers of single properties at EUR1.4 billion (as displayed in Chart 12), additional increasing their financial investment hunger compared to 2021 (net EUR1 billion);-LRB-
  • The greatest portion shifts originated from High-Net-Worth Individuals who were a lot more active in 2022 compared to 2021, with 75% more acquisitions and 197% more disposals of single possessions;-LRB-
  • Real Estate Investment Companies were the biggest net sellers in 2022, taping EUR863 million in net sales, followed by High-Net-Worth Individuals, who dealt with EUR633 million more in possessions than they obtained.

Chart 12: Single Assets– Capital Flows By Investor Type (EUR)

Source: HVS– London Office

Capital by Continent

  • European purchasers represented more than 76% of all deals, increasing by 9 portion points compared to 2021, leading to net acquisitions of EUR1.1 billion for the year;-LRB-
  • North American financiers can be found in at 13% of Europe’s overall deal volume;-LRB-
  • Middle Eastern financiers, who were mainly inactive in Europe in the previous 2 years, returned with among Europe’s many prominent acquisitions of 2022– The Reykjavik EDITION in Iceland.

Chart 13: Single Assets– Capital Flows By Investor Region (EUR)

Source: HVS– London Office

Notable Single Asset Transactions

Presented listed below is a choice of single possession deals that took place throughout2022 To ask for a broadened list of deals, please contact.

Chart 14: Notable Single-Asset Transactions (EUR)

Source: HVS– London Office

Portfolio Assets

As with single properties, portfolio sales decreased in2022 The typical rate per space for portfolios was 42% greater than in 2021, around 47% less spaces negotiated, resulting in a total decrease in volume. Numerous of the biggest portfolio offers happened in the UK, consisting of Alchemy’s acquisition of Inn Collection, KSL’s acquisition of the Pig Hotels, Tristan’s acquisition of Point A and USS’s acquisition of Butlin’s.


  • Portfolio deal volume in 2022 was EUR4.5 billion, disappointing 2021 volumes by 25% and amounting to the second-lowest level of the last years;-LRB-
  • While 2022 began highly, with a somewhat greater volume than Q1 2021, deal activity decreased by 43% in Q2 and Q3, compared to the previous year, as financiers faced increasing inflation and, especially, rate of interest;-LRB-
  • In Q4, volumes were close to 2021 levels, with 38% of the year’s overall volume taking place in Q4.

Chart 15: Portfolio Transaction Volume By Quarter 2022 vs 2021

Source: HVS– London Office

Chart 16: Portfolio Investment Volumes 2005-2022

Source: HVS– London Office

Chart 17: Portfolio– Top Countries Breakdown By Volume (EUR)

Source: HVS– London Office


  • London kept its standing as the most liquid city market in Europe, contributing EUR560 million (₤468 million) towards portfolio deals, although this was 53% less than in2021 London hotels represented 35% of overall UK portfolio deals, compared to 62% in 2021;-LRB-
  • Madrid saw the second-highest volume, mainly reinforced by the sale of the Rosewood and BLESS hotels by RLH Properties. Jointly, Madrid and Barcelona represented 11% of all portfolio deals, with their volume increasing by 78% over 2021;-LRB-
  • Paris and Amsterdam saw the 3rd- and fourth-highest portfolio volumes at EUR287 million and EUR171 million respectively;-LRB-
  • In keeping with 2021, significant German cities were really restricted in regards to portfolio volume, at approximately EUR100 million.

Investor Type

  • Real Estate Investment Companies and Private Equity companies represented 61% of all portfolio activity in 2022;-LRB-
  • hotel Owners were considerably less active than the year prior to, representing just 6% of overall volume, as compared to 30% in 2021;-LRB-
  • Institutional Investors and Real Estate Investment Companies were net purchasers, at approximately EUR500 countless net purchases each, while Private Equity companies dealt with a net EUR500 million more than they got, as seen in Chart 18.

Chart 18: Portfolios– Capital Flows By Investor Type (EUR)

Source: HVS– London Office

Investor Location

  • Europeans represented 68% of offer activity, with North American companies representing 20%;-LRB-
  • Middle Eastern and Asian purchasers were visibly missing in 2022.

Chart 19: Portfolios– Capital Flows By Investor Region (EUR)

Source: HVS– London Office

Notable Portfolio Transactions

Presented listed below is a choice of portfolio deals that took place throughout2022 To ask for a broadened list of deals, please contact.

Chart 20: Notable Portfolio Transactions (EUR)

Source: HVS– London Office

Conclusion and Outlook

As a year anticipated to reveal even more strong healing from the depressed levels of financial investment activity throughout COVID, 2022 did not take place as anticipated. This was driven entirely by the effect of international geo-political and macroeconomic aspects. Just 18% lower than 2021 with EUR133 billion in hotel financial investment volume, 2022 was still 51% behind 2019 levels.

The year began highly, with preliminary activity outmatching Q1 2021, however the financial ramifications of Russia’s intrusion of Ukraine put an extremely substantial dampener on financial investment activity for the remainder of the year. By Q2, dominating market headwinds had actually slowed offer activity listed below the 2021 speed. Significant rate of interest increases and minimized loan provider activity impeded offer circulation, while increasing operating expense, caused by double-digit inflation and staffing scarcities, affected revenue projections. hotel trading was, nevertheless, normally well supported by strong top-line development that profited of conserved non reusable earnings throughout the pandemic and really strong need for leisure travel. This assisted numerous hotels to take in the significant boosts in earnings and, especially, energy expenses that took place throughout the year.

However, in the deals market, the bid-ask space broadened considerably throughout the year, with a lot of purchasers searching for distressed offers that were scarce, and the majority of sellers being unprepared to cost such levels and with really restricted pressure from their loan providers to do so. By Q3 and especially Q4, numerous financiers had actually put brand-new acquisitions on hold while they reassessed worths and awaited some degree of clearness regarding how high rates of interest were most likely to reach, and how most likely it was that significant economies might get in economic crisis in2023 As is typically the case, Q4 in 2022 still completed as the greatest quarter in the year, however this was generally due to financiers fulfilling yearly financial investment targets, in addition to some early signs that rate of interest were most likely to peak at a level lower than at first feared.

Looking ahead, although current pressures on the banking system are definitely raising some issues, financial outlooks are otherwise usually enhancing, and hotel trading principles stay strong in lots of markets. Strong top-line efficiency in numerous locations, combined with additional healing potential customers in a lot of markets, recommend a favorable outlook and similarly assist soften pressures felt on earnings margins, minimizing distressed scenarios. The leisure-led post-COVID healing is now expanding to other sections, with even more strong healing anticipated for organization travel and conferences. Inflationary pressure will continue to effect operating expense this year, however at plainly reducing levels that are still anticipated to be mostly balanced out by greater profits levels. The results of the Ukraine dispute will still be felt, particularly in neighbouring nations; nevertheless, it appears that lots of financiers feel that this war might go on for rather a long time which, in the meantime, life and company activity in other places requires to go on. For deal activity, there is still lots of capital chasing premium chances, with southern Europe and crucial entrance cities in specific staying extremely desired.

The significant tightening up of financial policy considering that Q2 in 2015 has actually plainly begun to control inflation, which is now anticipated to be up to around 2.5% in 2024 (in sophisticated economies). The IMF now anticipates that, as soon as inflation is tamed, interest rates in innovative economies might return to pre-pandemic levels. As inflation lowers, pricing expectations will alter, minimizing a few of the bid-ask spread in the market. Access to funding through high-street lending institutions stays suppressed, at levels comparable to those experienced throughout the pandemic. Alternative funding choices are on the increase, servicing some of the need in the sector. While the macroeconomic scenario is not where it was pre-pandemic, 2022 showed that hotels are far better placed to adjust to rising inflation than many other possession classes are. Plainly helped by bottled-up need post-pandemic, really strong RevPAR development has actually likewise suggested how rapidly hotel operators can respond in times of high inflation and increasing operating expenses. With trading principles staying strong and inflation having actually peaked, financier need, particularly for prime and quality properties, of which Europe has lots of, stays high.

Only deals above EUR7.5 million are thought about in this analysis.

About Shaffer Patrick

Shaffer Patrick is a partner at HVS Hodges Ward Elliott in the London workplace, having actually formerly worked for Hodges Ward Elliott in the USA, in addition to a number of tech start-ups. He finished from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business with a degree in organization and logistical stats. For additional info, please contact: spatrick@hvshwe.com or 4420 7878 7776 (Work)

About Matthias Hecht

Matthias Hecht is a partner at HVS Hodges Ward Elliott, having actually formerly operated at Marriott International. His main duties consist of monetary analysis, advancement of marketing products and due diligence. Matthias is a native German speaker. He holds a bachelors (Hons) in Hospitality Management from Glion Institute of Higher Education, Switzerland. For more details, please contact: mhecht@hvshwe.com or 4420 7878 7773 (Work)

About Serena Yang

Serena Yang is an Analyst at HVS Hodges Ward Elliott, having actually just recently finished from Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne. She is a native English and Mandarin speaker. For additional info, please contact: syang@hvshwe.com or 4420 7878 7774 (Work)

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