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The hotel king’s birthday is on Tuesday, and the only thing he vet about the celebration is that he has to pay.

JUBILANT: Petter Stordalen fyller 60 år tirsdag. Her er han avbildet med kjæresten Märta Elander Wistén under åpningen av Sommerro Hotel. Foto: Andreas Fadum / Se og Hør
JUBILEE: Petter Stordalen turns 60 on Tuesday. Here he is pictured with his girlfriend Märta Elander Wistén during the opening of Sommerro hotel. Photo: Andreas Fadum/ Se og Hør Show more

Hyller kjæresten

Paying tribute to the lover

The 60th anniversary celebration is, however, the children, Emilie (30), Henrik (28) and Jakob (25) – as well as his girlfriend Märta Elander Wistén (32), who has committed the coup.


Podcaster and fashion icon Vanessa Rudjord (46) and rocker, rap artist, writer and ex-editor Jonas Forsang (41) is getting married in Paris – the Stordalen family is on the guest list. View more

It writes VG In front of the newspaper, the billionaire does not hide that he is not a big fan of his own birthday or surprises, and enjoy planning it yourself.

– I veterinarian that my children, Märta and Jan Fredrik Karlsen have organized something, veterinarian is not painted what. I have been told to stand tonight. Beyond that, I do nothing as a veterinarian, he tells VG.
Raser mot reklame: - Hjernedødt
Raser mot reklame: - Hjernedødt Raser mot reklame: - Hjernedødt

Rage against advertising: – Brain dead

When he doesn’t veterinarian anything about the party that is also difficult to estimate anything about the total price, if the amount is drawn from his bank account he is prepared for that.

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