“I'M AFRAID OF BECOME PERMANENTLY FRIGID” Tamara Đurić shocked, then teased Jovan Jeremić: “You know who wears feathers”!

Until 2023, Tamaru Đurić was in a hotel in the capital, where she attended the performance of Ace Lukas, and on that occasion the starlet put the events of the year behind us, and spoke openly about her private life, divorce and relationship with her ex-husband Nikola Kačarević. , and along the way mentioned the presenter Jovana Jeremić.

Tamara Đurić and Jovana Jeremić (Photo: Screenshot Television Pink) – Television Pink/ screenshot

The starlet revealed on this occasion whether she is ready for a new love.

– Well. I never planned it. When I fall in love, it holds me well, by God. I wish for a modest young man, university educated, stable, down-to-earth, short… Just kidding! Well, every woman wants some handsome, powerful man who can give her all the love and support in the world. Maybe I don’t even want a man, well, if my ex-husband can come back to my little girl, and I don’t even need a man anymore – Đurićeva points out, and reveals what kind of relationship she has with her ex-husband:

– We’re on good terms, I’m afraid I might become permanently frigid! I have not lost faith in anything, not even in love. Everything I believed in, I still believe today. Like all the people I believed in, I also believe in Santa Claus – the starlet laughs.

Tamara Đurić YouTube/Screenshot/AmiG Show Tamara Đurić YouTube/Screenshot/AmiG Show

Tamara also revealed whether she would like to fulfill her role as a mother again in the new year.

– Practically, I could, yes. And I could do it physically, I’m ready! My gynecologist asked me after giving birth, I asked him: “Did you read everything that was written that I was not pregnant, that I was wearing a plastic stomach”, he says: “Oh, I saw”, at the end when he looked at me, said: “If I hadn’t given birth to you, I would have thought you were wearing a plastic stomach.” So I am ready for a child, both physically and mentally, but I don’t have a partner. If a stork brought it to me, that would be good – says Đurić and points out that she could return to her ex-husband’s arms:

– I do not rule out the possibility. I love Nikola and I support him, and unfortunate, whether love for a partner turns into love for a man or a person, it doesn’t matter, what matters is that love exists. He gave me the most beautiful thing in the world, and I don’t know if I would give him a second chance to make me a child. You always find me with a question – says Tamara.

Host Jovana Jeremić found herself in the same place last night, and at one point she even went up on stage with Lukas, however, Đurićeva says she didn’t see her.

– I haven’t seen her because she’s small, she’s not in the mom video circle. It’s too small, maybe it ran between my legs and I didn’t even notice. Feathers won’t fly because I don’t wear feathers, you know who wears feathers. It might fly, but I usually don’t mess around with chickens – said the starlet.

Tamara Đurić (Foto: Instagram/tamarastar89)
Tamara Đurić (Photo: Instagram/tamarastar89)

Tamara also revealed how she views the flattering title of, as some have said, the richest person on the show.

– I am the richest. I have known wealth since I had a little girl by my side. I have two good friends, a daughter and an ex-husband, and I consider that to be my greatest asset. As for material things, I’m not interested in that. At one point during Nikola’s arrest, they entered my apartment and took everything I had even before I met Nikola. Rings, jewelry, watches, money, car… It didn’t affect me at all, it affected me that my little one cried because her dad left. That’s when I realized that I’m not interested in material things. I long ago got over that immoral code that everything that can be bought with money is considered wealth. For me, wealth would be to be with my whole family during the holidays – Tamara tells Republika.

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