In a month the first robot lawyer in history will act in court

LONDON, January 13.- Next February, for the first time, a synthetic intelligence (AI) will advise a human being accused in court inside a courtroom, in a place not yet revealed.

The AI ​​will run on a smartphone, listening in real time to everything that is said and instructing the defendant, through a headset, what to say. The location of the court and the name of the subject are being kept confidential by the firm DoNotPay, the company that created the AI. However, it is understood that the man is charged with speeding in traffic.The innovative robotic lawyer is a cybernetic device that uses technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to carry out legal activities autonomously or on a programmed basis, explained the sponsoring company. A DoNotPay app will advise a user in real time to defend themselves against an accusation. The robotic lawyer in the story will debut in a trial in February, reported the digital outlet New Scientist and the British newspaper Daily Mail. This AI is capable of doing amazing things, according to sources. Specifically, the tool developed by the company DoNotPay offers advice on a large number of issues. During the trial, he will listen to everything that is said in court and will advise the defendant on how to defend himself. The wit was created by Joshua Browder, a former student at Stanford University. In principle, its objective is to help users appeal traffic fines. To do this, the bot asks the user several questions. Once it answers them, the solution is generated automatically. However, the firm has had to make changes to the app to make it functional during the trial, Browder explained. For example, it does not automatically offer advice to the user every time he hears a voice. Many lawyers in Europe are charging too much money to simply copy and paste documents, and I think they will definitely be replaced, Browder said. The DoNotPay tool is also capable of doing other things like filing complaints about faulty products and services, canceling subscriptions and unwanted services, and getting refunds for canceled flights and hotels.

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