In Nîmes, RN spokesman Sébastien Chenu meets members

The registered nurse from Gard organized this Friday evening, at the Grand hotel in Nîmes, a dinner in the presence of Sébastien Chenu, vice-president of the movement, and president of the group at the National Assembly.

In his tour of registered nurse federations in France, Sébastien Chenu stopped in the Gard this Friday evening. Around him the mayor of Beaucaire Julien Sanchez, and three of the four Gard deputies, Nicolas Meizonnet, Pierre Meurin and Yoann Gillet. According to the latter, the party in the Gard is on a dynamic in terms of members, “our base of 1800 members is expanding, the legislative elections have amplified the movement”. Sébastien Chenu said he was “proud of the quality of the work and the involvement of the Gard elected officials” recalling that Nicolas Meizonnet, do not c is the second term, had sat alongside him in the Assembly during the previous term. “We ran the shop when there were only seven of us! But look where we are today, despite what we were told a year ago…”

The Gard elected officials will be in Montpellier on February 11

The news of the minute is put the registered nurse like put others the pension reform. The Gardois will organize a public meeting in the Calabro room at Costières, on February 12 at 4:30 p.m., on the subject. ” Our battlefield is the National Assembly, not the street. We will table 217 amendments, it’s a fight for credibility cars and truck we want a vote and a debate, not l ‘obstruction” , asserts Sébastien Chenu. If the registered nurses will not take to the streets on pensions, the Gard deputies will be in Montpellier for the rally to defend customs on February 11.


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