In the land of a thousand lakes in a luxury hotel on the rails. Česká Škoda will supply Finns with new sleeper cars


Photo: Škoda Group

Visualizations show what travelers can look forward to in Finland

Traveling by night train may seem like a mode of travel that has seen its best days. However, due to the increasing popularity of night services, the Finnish state railways are investing 50 million euros in the purchase of nine sleeping cars and eight freight cars. Their supplier will be the Czech company Škoda Group, in whose view a night train ride is a very comfortable experience. the cream of the crop, today only a fraction of passengers use sleeping cars. The reason is primarily the time spent on the railway, which is significantly longer compared to air transport. In addition, traveling by train overnight is often not more advantageous from a financial point of view. In recent years, Czechs have returned to traveling by train at night, for example thanks to the line from Prague to Croatia by RegioJetskoda-group-vlaky5. However, sleeping in a sleeping car is sometimes a challenge even for the hardened. However, this is not always and everywhere the case. Even from the Czech Republic, you can travel further into Europe by night train in complete comfort.

The popularity of night train transport has recently been growing in Finland, where it will soon be possible to ride on completely new sleeper trains , which will be supplied by the Czech company Škoda Group to the local state railway carrier VR Group. The company engaged in the production of trams, electric locomotives, metro sets, electric buses and trolleybuses will supply nine sleeper cars, which will also complement eight freight cars intended for the transport of cars. The value of the entire order is 50 million euros, i.e. almost 1.2 billion crowns.


Photo: Škoda Group

Exterior visual of VR Group sleeper cars



VR Group should put all cars of the Czech company in which PPF holds a majority stake into service by in 2025, while their production will take place at the Finnish Škoda plant in the town of Otanmäki. The contract also gives Finnish Railways the option to purchase another 30 sleepers and 30 freight cars.

“The order from VR is important to us because it increases the volume of orders for our factory in Otanmäki. The comfortable concept of sleeping cars will allow us to establish ourselves in the European market, which is experiencing a new boom in traveling by night trains. It’s easy and convenient to board the train in your home city and wake up in the morning rested and refreshed at your destination,” says Juha Vierros, President Region North in Škoda Group.

The equipment of sleeping cars has been standardized so that passengers have at their disposal a comfort close to that of a classic hotel room. Passengers should be able to work and rest comfortably in their compartments, which should also be contributed to by the maximum soundproofing of the individual cabins. Each of them is equipped with its own toilet and some also have a shower. The offer will also include family coupes, with enough space for a cot.

Škoda Group wagons will be deployed on the current night lines on which you can move from Helsinki, Turku and Tampere to the cities of Oulu, Rovaniemi, Kemijärvi and Kolari. Thanks to the trucks designed for the transport of cars, passengers will be able to take their own car with them and then travel by car on their own axis from the station.

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