Interview with Diego Luna: how 'Andor' is changing everything within the Star Wars universe

I finish buying a latte in a specialty cafeteria near my house and I prepare to walk, calmly, towards the hotel where I will sit a few minutes with Diego Luna to talk about Andor, the series that narrates the events leading up to Rogue One and has taken us all by surprise Politics, rebellions, normal personalities, scenes that seem to be taken from a movie noir along with sequences inspired by dystopian productions. It has been so different from anything we had seen before the Star Wars universe to the point that not a single lightsaber appears in its twelve episodes.

But at last, with Diego indisposed, we have to delay the interview a couple of days and make it virtual. With this, time a little more measured and a little more impersonal. Things that happen and that are beyond everyone’s control. No problem. The important thing is that this time his point of view and opinions about Andor not only as a star boy, but also as an executive producer, which makes him much more involved, from the conception of the series.

So, at least for me, it’s a great opportunity to delve into some of the less obvious aspects behind Andor The reasons why this is the production chosen to do something so different from anything we’ve seen before in Star Wars. Politics, social criticism, battles subtle, but no less relevant for that. A way of showing us that in that galaxy so far away, even on some planet that seems to be unimportant, there are personalities who are willing to fight for their rights, even if it means death.

Cassian Andor, played by Diego Luna, represents these personalities. He is anonymous, he is an outsider in all circles where he moves. He has a different accent, is full of contradictions and we are passive witnesses of how his ethical changes throughout Andor as a series and in Rogue One as a movie.

But the interview is also a great opportunity to learn Diego Luna’s position on the responsibility behind being a Latin American star, which has acquired immense weight within the legend. And how that has a profound impact on a society that has always felt underrepresented in the Star Wars universe. Why Andor is the most different within the legend Star Wars, and where the complexity of its characters rises

Recently, in another interview, Tony Gilroy— creator of the series and showrunner— detailed the reasons why he considers that Cassian Andor is the one to carry out such a different production within the Star Wars universe. And how a phrase– said by the character in Rogue One–, “I’ve been fighting the empire since I was six years old”, has acquired immense weight in that great plot construction. But I wanted to know the point of view of Diego Luna, who explained to Hipertextual that the reason is “just because it really doesn’t look like any other we’ve seen before in the legend” .

” He is a character, perhaps the most human and earthly thing we have seen in Star Wars. A guy who can go unnoticed, who does not seem It doesn’t seem to matter. And when you talk about a revolution, the revolution is full of characters like that. It’s full of characters who suddenly understand the value of community articulation. It’s a character you wouldn’t necessarily care about, but suddenly it becomes your biggest concern. He is a guy who lives and owes a lot to anonymity”, he replies.

” Besides, the character is a pretext to meet a situation. And through it we can understand a social moment. What needs to be happening for a rebellion or a revolution to be articulated. What level of oppression is being experienced. How is that lack of freedoms How it lives. And how it is lived in the most intimate and individual”.

Diego Luna also explains his character as somewhat dark and remember that in his first scene in Rogue One, he does something that can be seen from many angles [referencing Cassian Andor killing an informant to avoid being caught] In this regard, We ask him if this new complexity that we are seeing in the characters of Star Wars, that are not totally good or 100% bad, is a consequence of the narrative or Actually, this is the starting point.

” In this series, which is what I can tell you about, it is without a doubt the starting point, Totally, and that is the main objective”, explains Diego Luna. “The objective is to create real characters that resemble you and me, who are full of these contrasts. We can say that we are always trying to be the best version of ourselves, but not that we don’t make mistakes. Not that we don’t live in those gray tones. And precisely these characters live there because, in addition, it is more interesting. For me it is more interesting when they tell a story of someone who lives in that eternal contradiction than someone from whom I can always expect their best version”.

” the drama ends,” Luna tells us. “And in that Tony [Gilroy] has been very meticulous. In giving all these characters that vision and that realistic angle. On one side and on the other

Because the series aspires to show the life of the Empire more bureaucratic and low command. How the lack of freedoms is experienced from there”.

Diego Luna plays Cassian Andor in ‘Andor’ Andor puts Diego Luna, a Latin American star, at the center of the Star Wars universe

Star Wars made us imagine the possibility of living adventures in a very distant universe, full of spaceships, futuristic wars, lightsabers, Jedis , and the fight for a better future for an entire galaxy. It has marked generations, including mine.

Therefore, in a certain way, many of us are fulfilling the dream of being part of the Star Wars universe through Diego Luna A Latin American star who, thanks to his interpretation of Cassian Andor, and the excellent reviews of Rogue One and Andor, has collected an imp Important importance within the legend

“I’m not only aware, I share the feeling with you”, he answers smiling. “I also grew up watching these movies, I also grew up fantasizing about this universe and as a star it never crossed my mind to be part of this. It didn’t even seem possible to me.”

Regarding the representation and diversity of actors and the production team within the series and films of Star Wars, Diego Luna feels that things They are changing a lot. “It is a world that I had already learned to see without feeling a connection, without feeling represented. That is changing. And it is changing late, but it is coming. The industry is reacting to a world that is already different. A plural and diverse world that should be celebrated on the screen”.

Diego Luna como Cassian Andor has taken over. In that sense, I feel like they’ve been pioneers.”

If you see the diversity in the cast of Rogue One, the diversity of accents, what that movie is saying is how such a heterogeneous team is capable of anything. And in the series it’s not just me in front of the camera, but also Adria Arjona (who plays Bix Caleen), but also behind the scenes”, explains Diego Luna.

” To tell you about the diversity that Lucasfilm invokes in its projects, I will give you an example. I would arrive at the makeup outdoor camping in the morning and the English age makeup designer, the Spanish age makeup personality, the Argentine age hair design expert, the Italian mustache and beard expert. Imagine that diversity. Photographers, designers, anyway. There is something very nice that is beginning to happen, that we no longer even question it. That this is already happening. It’s not just me, we are many. We can make a long list. And the ones that come.

” And I promise you that my son sees this typical, although it doesn’t seem regular to you and me. I am very pleased that for my son it is typical that his father is doing a series like this. I love the concept, because it was so necessary and vital”.

All episodes of the first season of Andor are now available on Disney The series will return with a second and final season, with a jump in e The time that will place it closer to the events of Rogue One Guía de regalos de Navidad 2022


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