Is Stefan Mross flying out of “Always Again on Sundays”? ARD deepens investigations

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    If SWR initially wanted to stick to Stefan Mross after his hotel brawl, the tide seems to have turned to the “Always Again on Sundays” moderator have.

    Update from March 30: It was initially said that the SWR, which produces “Always Again on Sundays”, would stick to Stefan Mross as moderator, but the scandal surrounding the moderator could now take a whole new turn. The Südwestrundfunk had claimed in a statement to RTL that the brawl in a Leipzig hotel was a “private matter” for the hit star, but the decision about his future with “Always Again on Sundays” does not seem to have been made yet to be. “We are in talks with Stefan Mross with the aim of clarifying the facts and the background together. Passes away will take a while. That’s why we can’t answer any detailed questions at the moment,” said SWR on March 22. More than a week has passed since then, but there’s still no clear decision.

    Schlagerstar Stefan Mross bei „Immer wieder sonntags“ (Fotomontage)Schlagerstar Stefan Mross bei „Immer wieder sonntags“ (Fotomontage)

    Does Stefan Mross soon never say SWR again instead of “Always Sundays”? At the second largest broadcaster ARD, male is apparently angry that the hit star wanted to sweep his hotel scuffle under the carpet © Monn picture agency / Star-Media / Imago

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    When asked again by RTL, SWR now explains: “The situation has changed Nothing changed.” It is not known why the talks with Stefan Mross drag on for so long. We can also remain curious as to whether the 47-year-old will actually moderate the first episode of the new “Always Again on Sundays” season on May 7th becomes.

    First report from March 22nd, 2023: Rust– May 7 returns “ Again and again on Sundays ” with twelve new episodes (until August 27) and a best-of episode (September 3) back, but Stefan Mross (47), The hit show that has been moderated since 2005 is now threatened with an abrupt end A few months after his separation from Anna-Carina Woitschack (30), the trumpeter made unfavorable headlines in mid-March after being involved in a fisticuff in May 2022. Pass away could now cost him his ARD moderation.

    SWR disappointed by Stefan Mross? “Again and again on Sundays” – the star wanted to hide a fight

    Stefan Mross does not want to be called “Schlagerfuzzi” — and let a man who called him that very clearly know: In a Leipzig hotel is said to have been insulted by a stranger several times during the evening on May 1, 2022. At some point, the 47-year-old lost his patience:
    With him it was “ easy passed the horses,” said Mross

    to about the incident, which even brought him a penalty order for bodily harm in conjunction with attempted coercion.

    The now convicted folk musician apparently wanted to avoid the public finding out about the hotel scuffle and have informed the legal aftermath– that was not well received by the second largest broadcasting corporation of the ARD.

    The “Always Sundays” broadcast dates 2023

    “Always Sundays” runs on the following dates from 10:00 a.m in the first:

    Episode 1: May 7 Episode 2: 14 May
    Episode 3: May 21
    Episode 4: June 4
    Episode 5: June 18
    Episode 6: June 25
    Episode 7: July 2
    8th. Episode:July 16 Episode 9: 23 July
    Episode 10: August 6 Episode 11: August 13
    Episode 12: 27 August Best-of Episode: September 3rd

    SWR discusses with Stefan Mross “Again and again on Sundays “- Future– “Clear up the facts together”

    Stefan Mross and SWR are currently in talks. After the breach of trust, it should be clarified whether the hit star is still suitable as a moderator for a family show like “Always Again on Sundays” after last year’s events in Leipzig. Internally, one would obviously like to know what exactly happened in the hotel: “We’re with Stefan Mross in conversation, with the aim of clarifying the facts and the background together”, quoted picture .de an SWR spokeswoman.

    Schlagerstar Stefan Mross bei „Immer wieder sonntags“ (Fotomontage)

    Does Stefan Mross soon never say SWR again instead of “always on Sundays”? of the second largest broadcaster of the ARD guy is obviously angry that the hit star wanted to sweep his hotel scuffle under the carpet © Bildagentur Monn/Star-Media/Imago

    Will Mross pass away in May despite everything ” Open again and again on Sundays” season? At the moment it seems so– but should the trumpeter make negative headlines again, he could have wasted his last chance. A prominent colleague of the 47-year-old also has to worry at the moment: After she injured herself during the tour rehearsals,
    Schlager fans demand from Helene Fischer (38) to refrain from “circus acts” in the future Sources used:,

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