it rains rain

Thousands of families made plans, booked houses, apartments, hotels, inns. Each one bought the package that fit in their pocket. In common, all these families just wanted to rest and enjoy a few days of vacation, now in January, on a beach, in a place, in a pleasant corner and in the style of their group and, of course, they all had the summer sun that traditionally makes up the landscape in january here in Brazil.

But not. The rain came and is enjoying being in our company. It rains a lot. It rains every day. It has light rain, medium and specialty. There are also storms that drag and destroy what appears along the way. Finally, it rains. It rains non-stop.

The plans were one, but the climate that God determined was another, well online forum of the plans of many. That’s life, we plan, design, dream, but executing, happening and accomplishing depends entirely on the sovereign will of God. It is He who determines our paths and guides our steps, whether in the sun or in the rain.

Insistent rains like these current ones, change programs, even for those who have not planned to travel. That walk in the park, in the square, in the zoo, in the club, everything is postponed and changed to other types of walks and entertainment. The intended barbecue in the backyard would make room for a pair of slippers, popcorn and movies, maybe reading, or even nothing at all, just boredom and frustration.

Again, in detail or not , in the planning or not, in the forecast or not, in what was dreamed or not, what prevails is the sovereign will of the Lord. Meanwhile, it rains. Irrigating fields, filling reservoirs, giving volume to rivers, transforming landscapes and scenery. Forget the tank top, the shorts, the suntan lotion, and grab the umbrella, the boots, the cape, that is, what was not in the plans becomes the plan.

It’s just the first days of the new year. The predictable summer has not yet appeared as we have become accustomed to. Perhaps this is an opportunity for us to understand once and for all that who specifies the paces and seasons is the sovereign God. Nothing escapes his control. All nature conspires to glorify his holy name, to do as he pleases, and, in biblical language, to be at his beck and call to fill every space, every city square, until the whole earth is filled with his presence, glory, and power.

We can look at these rains as a weather event that goes against the trends planned for a summer here in Brazil. We can. But we can also look at the incessant rains in more poetic ways.

First as tears that fall from the sky, revealing to us all the weight and sadness that are in the Father’s heart when seeing the decay of his beloved children, people for whom he gave his own Son.

Second, we can look at the rains as a metaphor that we sing so often in one of the most traditional hymns of Christianity: “Rain of blessings from heaven!” and blessings in profusion can be poured over us in the most improbable hours, like these rains that simply changed the face of summer.

May the Lord change and transform the face of our struggles, hopes, anxieties, expectations. May times of refreshing from the Lord come upon us, pace in which He floods us with the waters of His Spirit.

Edmilson Ferreira Mendes is a writer , pastor, theologian, observer of life.

The content of the above text is a voluntary collaboration, the overall responsibility of the author and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of Portal Guiame .

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