Jac's plant hotel will open again: 'It's a five-star hotel here'

Jac's plantenhotel gaat toch wéér open: 'Het is hier een vijfsterrenhotel'

Jac’s plant hotel will open again: ‘It is here a five-star hotel

Profielfoto van Rob Bartol

Despite the high energy prices, grower Jac van Dongen still opens the doors of his annual plant hotel. “From the start of November toddler to mid-April, people can overwinter their tub plants here in our greenhouses. Many plant lovers thought it was no longer possible because of the high energy prices, but you also have to give something back for your customers. The winter visitors are therefore welcome again.”

Profielfoto van Rob Bartol

Written by

Rob Bartol

No colorful summer plants and bedding plants in the coming months greenhouses by Jac van Dongen of the Dongeneind nursery in Oosteind, but all pass away container plants are vulnerable and require season additional care in the winter. “You used to see plants overwinter in our plant hotel in the orangeries of the large country estates,” says the grower. “A few regulars are olive trees, citrus plants, the brugmansia and huge standard fuchsias. All plants really hate the combination of moisture, cold and frost.”

” This is a five star hotel with cold and warm running water.”

” We help the vulnerable container plants in the winter months through the winter season, they are cared for here and there and pruned a bit and most importantly they overwinter frost-free,” says Van Dongen. “It’s a five-star hotel here with hot and cold running water.” Despite the increased energy prices, the grower maintains the price of 70 euros per pallet for a group of winter visitors. “On such a pallet fit between four and six plants. If a container plant does not survive the winter season, then of course you do not have to pay for it.”

Overwintering in the plant hotel of grower Jac van Dongen

Despite While more growers are helping their customers with the hibernation of vulnerable container plants in their greenhouses, it is not the case that all growers are thrilled. “Many growers are also concerned that after bringing in the overwinterers, you will also drag diseases into your company,” says Van Dongen. “Those plants have been outside all summer and you don’t know what could be in between them. There is a risk involved.”

” It’s going well kid pass away a spicy night frost is coming.”

What the grower-cum-hotelier does notice is that owners of container plants arrive later than usual to bring their overwinterers. “Then it will be the end of December, start January and then it has not yet frozen and then they think it will be fine. Well, no so: it’s going well kid pass away a spicy night frost comes and then it’s over with your precious and vulnerable tub plant.”

The plant hotel, which has been around for about ten years, was created because people bought tub plants from Van Dongen and then wondered what to do with them during the winter seasons. “Then you bring it back, was my answer. Then we’ll take care of them”, says the passionate grower who wants to give something back to his customers. “Another suggestion: container plants pass away in the winter season that are well cared for will give many more flowers in the following year. The flowering is much more exuberant then.”

In afwachting van een nieuwe lente overwinteren kuipplanten in het plantenhotel.

In afwachting van een nieuwe lente overwinteren kuipplanten in het plantenhotel.


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