Jančura: I want a new path in the hotel industry

You have already opened a second hotel under the RegioJet brand in Austria. What led you to this?

It was the success of our first hotel and its concept, which is actually a search for the future of hospitality. Because the problem all over Europe is that people don’t want to work in the hospitality industry, it’s a blind job. So we were looking for a way to make it nice for the guests and at the same time for the employees. Here they work in short shifts 6.5 hours a day, guests serve themselves drinks throughout the day.

Do you oversee the start of operations on site, similar to the first hotel?

Yes, I am in Austria, traveling between the two hotels.

Jančura: Carriers they should raise prices, not walk around with open arms


How are the conditions for skiers there? Even the Alps are suffering from a lack of snow this year…

It is true that there was a lack of snow in all of Europe, but here he was. I choose hotels that are at least at the altitude of the Czech Sněžka, where skiing is close, between 2000 and 3000 meters above sea level. So that there is snow not only on the slopes, but also elsewhere, because it is good for the psyche when everything is white. People don’t want to see a gloomy ugly landscape, which is not green in winter, but rather brown.

The new hotel is located under the highest Austrian the Pitztal glacier. Around 40 guests were accommodated here at the beginning of the year, the weeks after the holidays were weaker, when the holidays in Germany ended. But the following weeks are almost full again. Also, as usual, the dates for the spring holidays are filling up quickly, because not only children in the Czech Republic, but the whole of Europe have holidays.

)Do you enjoy the hotel business above all, the business itself, or also the side effects of being in nature in the Alps? Do you ski?

I love the mountains and skiing, so of course that was the trigger. And I also enjoy and it gives me energy to find that way, because hotels are sold very cheaply in Austria, the families of the owners are tired, there are no employees.

I choose wonderful places that Czechs also love, because I primarily want Czechs and Slovaks to come here. That is also why we have beer for two euros (48 CZK), i.e. at Czech prices. The slopes here are of good quality, but cheaper than others in the area

I am taking the route as I used to with RegioJet trains. I want to offer a good service, but so that it is not so much work and it is friendly to the employees.

And I choose wonderful places , which Czechs also love, because I primarily want Czechs and Slovaks to come here. That is also why we have beer for two euros (48 CZK), i.e. at Czech prices. The slopes here are of good quality, but cheaper than others in the vicinity.

You are looking around for another hotel ? As far as I know, you already have more of those properties, how much did you invest in them?

I don’t know. It’s such a romantic business, but now I’m quite tired of opening a new hotel, we have a big renovation coming up in the spring and summer. The business, on the other hand, is quite demanding. I will see if I feel like doing something else. Austria and the Czech Republic, totaling investments of more than 150 million crowns.

You also planned RegioJet train connection to the Alps. How is he doing?

The problem is that we have late deliveries of locomotives. Due to the fact that there is a general lack of them in Europe. Although we already have wagons, we were not able to ensure traffic for this year. So we were forced to postpone the launch by a year. To begin with, the plan is to ride twice a week.

South Moravia wants billions worth of trains. Also in the game is Jančura


Where will the trains go?

It will basically be the entire Austrian Alps. We plan to split the train into two parts. One will go to Carinthia, the other to the area of ​​Kaprun, Kitzbühel, Stubai.

When we talk about traditional business of RegioJet, i.e. train and bus transport, so last year you achieved record sales of over 2.5 billion crowns in three quarters. What do you owe it to?

It has to do with the fact that we started riding three subsidized lines where transport volumes have increased since covid. These are Brno – Bohumín, Kolín – Ústí nad Labem and regional connections for the Ústí Region. Otherwise, in the Czech Republic we travel without subsidies on the lines Prague, Ostrava, Brno, Vienna. That’s all you can drive here without subsidies.

You recently obtained a certificate for passenger rail transport in Germany. What does this mean for the company? Do you have a specific plan for where and when to ride? new lines not only with a final destination in Germany, but also connections going through Germany further to Western Europe.

The Czech Republic is plagued by record inflation. Last year you raised fares by roughly 15 percent, in what order do you think you will have to raise prices this year?

I assume that it will be by 10 or 15 percent, due to the increase in costs, especially for energy. But the carrier can only raise prices as much as the market will allow. However, I think all players will have to price in a similar range.

RegioJet buys new trains from Poland for half a billion



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