Jesús and his retired father, heroes of the Hotel Albohera: they risk their lives to reduce their robber

The Hotel Albohera has more than two decades of history receiving tourists willing to enjoy the beaches of the Mar Menor that Santiago de La Ribera offers. The establishment was literally set up by hotelier Jesús Montesinos, putting in wages like any other bricklayer, and the business is now run by his son, Jesús. This three-star hotel establishment, more than a business, is part of the family’s history, and for this reason, this Friday, father and son risked their skins to reduce a hooded man who tried to assault him at knifepoint.

No was able to steal one euro: only took the beatings he received“, as summarized by Jesús, 41, under the watchful eye of his father, the other Jesús, 69, who still has humor left after the robbery they frustrated: “I have worked in the hotel more than a black man, that’s why I defended him tooth and nail.” EL ESPAÑOL has accessed the recordings of the reception security cameras that reveal the significant risk that both took to reduce the thief.

“We were in the hotel dining room, having dinner with the family, when there was a knock on the door around nine o’clock this Friday night,” according to Jesús. That day, this sixty-year-old had been discharged from the Los Arcos de San Javier Hospital after being hospitalized for fifteen days, afflicted from bronchiolitis, so she was celebrating with her loved ones: her son, Jesús, her daughter-in-law, Poliana, and her two grandchildren, a 3-year-old boy and a 7-month-old baby.

“As we are in low season, it is rare for clients to come at night, so we put the automatic closing of the access door to open from the reception”, according to explains Jesus. “My son went out to see who had called”, as stated by this retired businessman: a legend of the hospitality industry in the Murcian town of San Javier because in the years In the eighties he ran the restaurant of the hotel Ribera, later, the Príncipe de Asturias Civic Center, and finally, he built the hotel Albohera.

A father and son, owners of the hotel Albohera in Santiago de la Ribera, they gambled their lives to subdue a robber armed with a knife.

In the recordings you can see how a young man, about 25 years old, knocks on the door, posing as a client, but in reality it is a decoy to get them to open the hotel and let your buddy break in, brandishing a knife. This is corroborated by Jesús -son-: “He told me he was looking for a room and I opened the door for him, he seemed like a regular personality, also, that same afternoon another couple came to stay”. However, in a few seconds he discovered that there was nothing good about that client: it was all a setup to take the proceeds.

In the images you can see how the fictitious client pretends to be surprised, being passed by a hooded man with a knife, who walks with a firm step towards the reception where Jesus is, together with his little boy. “My 3-year-old son was very scared and began to cry because the poor thing did not understand what was happening.” In fact, the manager of the hotel Albohera asks the assailant to calm down, in the presence of the child, but that is of little use: “ He pushed me and threatened to stab me in the stomach“.

As Jesus assures the hooded man that he will deliver the collection, about 600 euros in metal, the assailant lowers his guard, and just at that moment his father appears on the scene: the retired businessman, who attacks him from behind. “The dining room is next to the reception and I was watching everything that was going on, so I came out with a chair to hit the thief to help my son” , according to Jesús Montesinos, 69 years old.

The assailant did not fall to the ground after the impact, but he went straight for the retiree, to whom he put the knife in the jugular, while he demanded that his son give him the money once and for all. “I told him to calm down, I took out the box and when he was careless I took a knife sharpener to reduce him.” The cameras recorded a struggle where the thief falls to the ground and the innkeeper’s son ends up beating him “I hit him and managed to reduce him, then my wife ran out to the street to ask for help”.

His sister-in-law also came out of the dining room with a knife, to protect the retiree, and neighbors began to enter the hotel hall, so that such chaos was formed that the thief was able to flee with his buddy: the false client. The two escaped through the Barnuevo beach, but their night of misdeeds did not end there because they stood at the hotel El Marino in Santiago de la Ribera to try to assault it with the same method operandi: one pretends to be a tourist and when the guard is lowered at reception, the hooded man appears with the knife to steal the collection.

We notified the other hotel that there were a couple of thieves in the area“, father and son underline in unison. “When the false client knocked on the door of El Marino, they did not open it.” The assailant and his buddy did not cease in their efforts to continue stealing and at dawn they got hold of a cell phone and a car with which they went to

Cartagena, where they suffered a traffic accident in which they were arrested.

” This morning, at the headquarters of the Civil Guard we and the owner of the car were there to denounce the same thieves “, according to both hoteliers. “ The fictitious client is about 25 years old, and the hooded man is about 50 years old, apparently is his uncle and had recently been released from prison.”

The Civil Guard has opened an investigation for Clarify whether the detainees were the same perpetrators of two other robberies that the hotel El Marino recently suffered. Meanwhile, this Saturday, the mythical Albohera has reopened its doors as always, with Jesus, father and son, with the best of their smiles to serve customers, sometimes foreigners looking for sun and sand, and other times, members of the Air Rescue Service who come to train at the General Air Academy of Santiago de la Ribera.

” We are the receptionist, the plumber, the waiter, the father, the son and the ‘Holy Spirit’ of this hotel”.

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