Judge tells police: Probe sexual exploitation at Coco Reef Hotel


A sign welcomes guests to the Coco Reef Resort and Spa, Crown Point, Tobago. -
An indication invites visitors to the Coco Reef Resort and Spa, Crown Point, Tobago. –

WHILE granting practically $4 million to a hotel supervisor for wrongful termination, High Court judge Justice Frank Seepersad stated the complaintant ought to “hang his head in pity” for having actually assisted in the sexual exploitation of numerous girls worked with at the Coco Reef hotel in Tobago and for assisting in acts of prostitution.

The plaintiff likewise apparently carried out obeah routines and helped in concealing profits from the notification of the authorities.

In a strongly-worded judgment provided on Monday, the judge purchased that information of the case be sent out to the cops to examine whether the complaintant and/or an accused had actually dedicated any criminal offense.

The complaintant was Eric Feniet, represented by lawyers T Bharath, D Bharath and M Narinesingh, and the offenders were Bella Forms Resorts Ltd trading as Coco Reef Resort (very first offender) and John Jefferis (2nd offender) both represented by M George and S Lawrence.

According to the plaintiff’s truths, Feniet was used at the hotel in 1995 to update its food and drink department, then ended up being department supervisor, department director, hotel assistant basic supervisor, and lastly hotel basic supervisor in 2002 up until his termination in2020 Working from age 26 to 51, he had actually no composed agreement however trusted his great relationship with Jefferis who at first was sole owner of the business till his other half took control of upon his weakening psychological health.

Feniet managed “various individual affairs” for Jefferis and they shared a position of trust and self-confidence.

The court heard Jefferis depend on Feniet to manage “matters of an individual nature,” apart from resort company, consisting of getting him female business and doing obeah.

” These consisted of taking care of the 2nd offender’s other halves whilst at the resort, protecting ‘individual assistants’ for the 2nd accused, organizing female ‘friendship’ for the 2nd accused, carrying out ‘obeah’ routines for the 2nd accused, utilizing his foreign savings account for under the radar transfers of United States funds, and gathering money payments from particular visitors which were not placed on the books.”

” The claimant brazenly affirmed that he organized escorts for the 2nd accused and he hired young, single Indian and African females as individual assistants for the 2nd offender and these ladies were anticipated to make love with him.

” He likewise carried out strange and unconventional routines at the 2nd offender’s request and utilized different French checking account to move cash to Cuba for the 2nd offender.” Feniet ran as Jefferis’ individual butler and assisted in all the plans when the 2nd accused’s spouses and girlfriends remained at the resort.

” The complaintant, shockingly, assisted in despicable practices where ladies were potentially made use of and positioned in susceptible scenarios as they looked for work.

” He likewise scheduled escorts in a nation where prostitution is unlawful.”

Seepersad highly scolded this conduct.

” This court feels obliged to register its discouragement, outrage and alarm over the different admissions advanced by the plaintiff, under oath, as he affirmed that he set up escorts for the 2nd offender and employed young single female individual assistants for the 2nd offender which these girls were anticipated to make love with the 2nd offender.

” In this jurisdiction prostitution is unlawful and it is likewise an offense to ’employ’ out ladies to participate in prostitution.”

Seepersad stated the behaviour of Feniet and Jefferis in working with women for sexes with Jefferis might have contravened the Sexual Offences Act.

” By his own admission, the plaintiff, an immigrant to our coasts, worked with young single individual assistants, who, as part of their work, needed to make love with the 2nd accused.

” These worrying admissions can not be left unaddressed. Our country’s ladies need to be valued, safeguarded and they need to be treated with self-respect and regard.

” Women are not and can not be deemed the ‘play things’ of rich, effective or prominent males and this society need to decline their objectification and desist from gender discrimination, gender injustice and female exploitation.”

Seepersad swore firm action versus Feniet.

” The plaintiff must hang his head in pity as in furtherance of his insular issues and program, he might have assisted in the offense of numerous girls.

” This kind of behaviour is despicable and in the situations, this court directs that this judgement, the procedures submitted, the witness declarations and the records of the trial, will be forwarded by the Registrar of the Supreme Court to the Commissioner of Police, within 30 days of the date of this judgement, for examination so regarding figure out whether the complaintant and/or the 2nd offender dedicated any criminal offense or offenses.”

Feniet stated he was guaranteed US$ 1,500,000 for death or incapacitation, incomes of US$$500,000 and US$ 1,000,000, plus a piece of land worth $1.6 million. He stated he worked relentlessly to the hinderance of himself and his household, in an uphill struggle to keep the hotel afloat, without any concerns concerning his efficiency of tasks.

Feniet stated he was dismissed upon Jefferis’ better half taking charge, on declared premises of misbehavior, incompetence, monetary impropriety and inappropriate supervisory practices. “The offenders pleaded that the complaintant did not perform his tasks in a satisfying way and (to name a few things) handled the resort improperly, taken part in monetary impropriety, disputes of interest which he took part in improper romantic and sexual relationships with subordinates. This led to a host of client and personnel problems.”

Seepersad bought Bella Forms Resorts (Coco Reef Resort) to pay Feniet damages for wrongful termination of TT$165,700 and US$94,787, plus the amount of TT$ 2,600,000, and pay 75 percent of the plaintiff’s legal expense.

” The Registrar of the Supreme Court is thus purchased to forward this judgement the procedures submitted, the witness declarations and the records of the trial to the Commissioner of Police within 30 days of the date of this judgement.”


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