Klaassen about new documentary 'Pearls of Amsterdam': 'There were jokes about it'

Davy Klaassen and Kenneth Taylor are proud of their teammates Devyne Rensch and Jurriën Timber and former teammate Ryan Gravenberch. The latter three star in the new Ajax documentary Pearls of Amsterdam, which can be seen on Prime Video from 7 October. ‘I expect that the people who will see it will get a good insight into what it really is like.’ ‘Of course it’s laughable’, Klaassen tells Ajax Showtime during the premiere of the documentary Pearls of Amsterdam, after which he tells how the news about the documentary was received in the group of players. ‘There were immediately jokes between you: you are only eighteen, nineteen years old. What should you make a documentary about? But in the end I think it’s a lot of fun for those guys.’ Davy Klaassen and his girlfriend at the premiere of Pearls van Amsterdam. Taylor joins his teammate. He realizes that the outside world does not always know how the talented trio deals with good moments, but also with lesser periods. ‘It’s special that you can make something like this for everyone. They managed to keep it a secret for a long time. We knew they were walking with a camera and everyone asked: why is that? Then they had to say it, but I didn’t notice much of it. I expect that the people who will see it will get a good insight into what it really is and I think it is quite realistic.’ Kenneth Taylor is happy with the new Ajax documentary: ‘I think it is quite realistic.’ “Are you vlogging or something?” Klaassen still remembers the reaction of the selection well when Rensch, Gravenberch and Timber started filming themselves at the club. ‘At one point they also came to us with the camera in the physio room and in the dressing room. We thought, what are you guys doing? Are you vlogging or something? So the jokes are made about that’, laughs de Hilversummer. When asked whether Klaassen himself would have been a good protagonist for a comparable documentary ten years ago, the attacking midfielder is self-conscious: ‘It was a different time then. It’s all moving so fast now with social media, that technology is so much further. In my time that was not an issue at all and I don’t know if I’m the right person for that. I’m just proud of those guys.’ Besides Klaassen and Taylor, Ajax players Brian Brobbey and Owen Wijndal were also present. Rensch, Gravenberch and Timber were closely followed in their development during the 2021/22 season. Not only on the field, but certainly off it, we see the highs and lows of three top talents from the Ajax training. After a long season, Gravenberch decides to leave Ajax for Bayern Munich after twelve years, Timber extends his contract until mid-2025 and Rensch is training hard to become the permanent right back of Ajax 1.source

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