Korányi's Polish boss may have stolen from disabled people, he was taken from a hotel in handcuffs

  • A serious corruption scandal broke out in Poland in recent days.
  • Az four people were arrested in the case, among them former PO senator Tomasz Misiak and Maciej Witucki, president of the Lewiatan Confederation.
  • According to the prosecutor’s office, those involved embezzled from the state fund created for the rehabilitation of the disabled.
  • Witucki is one of the leaders of Globsec that tried to penetrate in the Hungarian election. The vice-president of the organization is Gordon Bajnai, and his adviser is Dávid Korányi.
  • The Polish businessman is massively a Soros man: he is a member of the ECFR council and also holds a seat on the board of the Atlantic Council.
  • Although the Witucki’s have been released, the corruption case that has been ringing for years is far from over .
  • In mid-October, the news spread throughout the Polish media that several people had been arrested in a serious corruption case.

    Ugly Tricks

    Tomasz Misiak
    Tomasz Misiak Source: WikipediaTomasz Misiak

    In Gdansk, on the instructions of the Szczecin Prosecutor’s Office, the Polish Anti-Corruption Bureau (CBA) detained Tomasz Misiak , a former senator from Donald Tusk’s Civic Platform (PO). and Maciej Witucki, the president of the Lewiatan Confederation, as well as two other persons –

    reported among others is the Polish online portal called Super Biznes.

    They pushed in business. The news was a big deal because the names of the two men are well known in Poland, which can be traced back primarily to the fact that both of them have turned around in politics and business. Misiak was the co-founder of the largest Polish employment agency, Work Service, from where he continued in the Polish Senate with the support of the right-wing PO. After being accused of corruption by Donald Tusk, he quit the party and left the senate group of the Civic Platform. Witucki’s career is equally exciting: he worked at Cetel Poland, among others, from where he joined the board of directors of Lukas Bank, of which he became chairman in 2005. A year later, he was at the top of Telekomunikacja Polska as well: he was appointed president of the company and head of the TP Group. Between 2016 and 2019, he was the chairman of the board of the Work Service, and after that, in the summer of 2019, he was elected as the first man of the Lewiatan (Leviathan) Confederation.

    Tomasz Misiak

    Maciej Witucki Source: Wikipedia

    The common point in the careers of Misiak and Witucki is the Work Service, and the Polish anti-corruption office is conducting an extensive investigation here. According to press reports, all of the detained persons were executives at the company. A few years ago, the company was the market leader in recruitment and outsourcing in Poland, and their target country was primarily Ukraine. But business has been less good lately. They have been struggling with serious financial problems for years, so much so that in 2020 an Italian investor bought into the company.

    The prosecutor’s office formulated several charges against the Wituckis: they are suspected of fraud, according to their point of view, it involves a significant amount. Speaking to Rzeczpospolita, Marcin Lorenc, the spokesman of the Szczecin prosecutor’s office, said that

    the persons detained between 2010 and 2019 with a total of 32 million zlotys (about HUF 2.7 billion) they damaged the Polish state. Tomasz Misiak Tomasz Misiak

    Although the Polish media is quite tight-lipped about the case, so much has emerged from the news reports that the abuses of the State Rehabilitation Fund for Persons with Disabilities (PFRON) and occurred around the subsidies of the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS), and the authorities have been investigating the dubious cases for two years. By the way, the prosecutor’s office also brought charges against those involved for money laundering and harming 22,000 employees. Shortly after Witucki’s arrest, the Lewiatan Confederation issued a statement acknowledging the detention of its president. They wrote indignantly that it was a case that had been ongoing for years, during which their president explained the problems that had arisen and answered questions on several occasions.

    By the way, the handcuffs clicked on Witucki’s hand in a rather unpleasant situation. The board of Lewiatan was having a meeting in a hotel in Gdańsk when the CBA people appeared – not long before the event called the European Forum of New Ideas had started.

    Maciej Witucki

    Konfederacja Lewiatan, powiatura fakt zatrzymania w Gdańsku przez organy ścigania Prezydenta Konfederacji Lewiatan Macieja Wituckiego. 1/2

    — Konfederacja Lewiatan (@Konf_Lewiatan)

    October 12, 2022 Witucki was detained for two days . During his imprisonment, he was placed in a four-person cell, where, according to him, inhumane conditions prevailed. – tried to portray the rich entrepreneur as a victim, saying that he was dragged because he is an implacable opponent of the governing Law and Justice (PiS).

    Since the court rejected the motion of the Szczecin prosecutor’s office, the suspects are currently free to defend themselves. However, the case is far from over, the people involved can be sentenced to up to eight years in prison for playing tricks with state funds.

    He is there next to SorosTomasz Misiak The case itself is interesting, especially since Maciej Witucki is the may also be familiar to Hungarian readers. Because the Polish businessman – next to the former Hungarian Prime Minister Gordon Bajnai – occupies a seat on the board of Globsec. Tomasz MisiakTomasz MisiakSource: Facebook/Bajnai Gordon

    As previously reported, the Bratislava-based security policy research institute tried to meddle in the Hungarian elections. Primarily, they tried to influence international public opinion and Hungarian voters with their manipulative research, analysis and studies. In their materials, they pushed the narrative that Hungary pursues a pro-Russian policy and has fallen into the hands of the Kremlin. This is not surprising in that behind the scenes almost the entire Atlanticist world, including the American government, NATO and the Soros network, supports them.

    Unsurprisingly, there are many people connected to the American businessman in the management of the international organization, for example the Bulgarian political scientist Ivan Krastev can also be classified in this circle.

    Even though it was clear from all this, as other examples show, Witucki is a committed person of Soros.

    In addition to Globsec, he is also in the management of two other globalist organizations close to Soros: he is a member of the speculator’s European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) and

    the Atlantic Council

    ‘s board of directors.

    First organization in several of our articles, most recently when Soros’ Roma network we examined it.

    And the Atlantic Council is a well-established name in the businessman’s global network. Currently, the organization is strengthened by Dávid Korányi, who played a key role in financing the Hungarian opposition’s American campaign.


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