Krapović: It is neither legitimate nor normal for this Government to decide on the Budva Riviera

For many years now, the DPS Government has been planning to sell the Budva Riviera, and practically every year it is included in the plans for privatization. The main argument has always been that the state can never manage this hotel and tourism company efficiently enough, as a private person would, announced Dragan Krapović, vice-president and deputy of the Democrats.

” Of course, I believe that everyone is familiar with DPS’s performance history of privatization in Montenegro, and even parts of the Budva Riviera during the years of the former regime’s rule. Apart from the possible privatization of the Maestral hotel in Pržno, all other realized privatization arrangements were filling private pockets, while the state received minimal money for very valuable hotels and properties. The best example is also the hotel Avala– once part of the Budva Riviera which was sold for a little over three million euros, although the land itself is worth at least 10-15 million euros, I claim responsibly,” Krapović pointed out.

According to him, it is unfortunate that such, he says, wasteful and sell-out, and even corruption-oriented approach we adopted with the former regime and now we all see what he brought, that is, took away.

” Now we should have a different approach when it comes to such valuable state resources, and we saw that somewhere in the example of Luka Bar and other companies where the state increases its ownership and intends to continue. Speaking of Luka Bar, and related to the story of efficient and responsible management of state-owned companies and resources, Luka Bar, with the new management headed by Mr. Pješčić, made the best business result in the last 30 years. This means that the state can still do a good job if you have quality people and a responsible approach to work, so I don’t see why this could not be the case with the Budva Riviera as well,” he believes.

Krapović assesses that even the current management of the Budva Riviera has not done a bad job, although the last few years may have been the most demanding in the history of tourism and hotel industry in Montenegro, of course due to global circumstances and disruptions, such as the covid pandemic, and then the war in Ukraine.

” Let’s say the new assessment of the property value of the Budva Riviera will be 50 million more than just a few years ago when it was last done, of course during the previous management. If only that had been done, it would not have been a little in these, I emphasize again, very negative circumstances for the hotel and tourism business”, he points out.

Furthermore, Krapović added, although it is legitimate that let’s start a polemic about the fate of the Budva Riviera and its operations, it is neither legitimate nor normal for the Government to do this in a technical mandate, and even more disturbing is the need to actualize it now to this extent, especially if the general direction of this Government is to increase state participation and ownership in the once privatized state companies and various areas was diametrically opposed to what is being said and apparently planned about the Budva Riviera. is more and more) between the municipality of Budva and the state of Montenegro, i.e. the government regarding the ownership of this very valuable resource that was stolen from Budva in a magical way, and until these processes are concluded with final verdicts, we should not enter into any talk about privatization and the Budva Riviera, bartering and the like.

” All this seems to me like “deja vu” and I think that at this moment it should not be allowed, even though, as I have already said, it is serious, public and expert discussion is always welcome and legitimate, but in the end this Government has neither the legitimacy nor the logic of the state to enter into this story now. I believe that this Government will not insist on the implementation of this nebulous arrangement, but in the event that it is decided to proceed with the implementation of such a thing, as a member of parliament, I would be ready to initiate a discussion on this issue in the Parliament of Montenegro, so and appropriate legal solutions that would thwart those plans, and for which I believe I would get a lot of support from my colleagues, certainly more than the famous two-thirds support of MPs of the Parliament of Montenegro”, concluded Krapović.


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