Lectures and workshops. Equal Pay Day is dedicated to equal pay for women and men

Kristýna Bezděková

The so-called Equal Pay Day draws attention every year to the ongoing problem of inequality in the pay of women and men. The event takes place in a hotel in Prague’s Vysočany until the end of the weekend. Its main media partner is Nova TV.

Equal pay for women and men – this is still a problem in the Czech Republic. Current numbers still place us at the bottom of the EU. In the Czech Republic, the current difference in wages is 16.4 percent. This figure shows that women have to work two months longer to reach the same annual remuneration as men.

The aim of the Equal Pay Day event is to inform the public about the current situation and to provoke professional discussion. Red clothes and accessories are a symbol. “Red means a minus in accounting. When we bring out a red dress or something else, we draw attention to the fact that remuneration is not fair and other things are not fair,” explained the founder of the Equal Pay Day conference, Lenka Šťastná. “That’s what we need, more women in those leadership positions. I was in a discussion with two ladies. It was about what the company can do to reduce the pay gap,” added the director of human resources management TV Nova Matěj Šemšej.

​The event, which started on Friday, also tries to support the equal representation of women in society. “At the beginning of the journey, it’s important to say if we really want it and what we want. When a woman decides to have a child, it’s like getting a tattoo on her forehead. I’ve managed to balance privacy and work in my life. I tell everyone that if I can do it, it can be done,” explained Phillip Morris General Manager for the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary Andrea Gontkovičová.

During the weekend you can take part in a number of seminars, lectures and workshops . My colleague Linda Nguyen will be one of the speakers. “I think that in the Czech Republic women do not have the same conditions, not only in terms of salary, but also in terms of work. I think that women are often pigeonholed as careerists when they go to work. This can demotivate them. That is exactly what I would like to talk to them about to speak. That there is no shame in having work first. On the contrary,” said Nguyenová.

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