Letters to the Editor, Feb. 6, 2023

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Thank you, Brian Lilley, for your column “Canadians spending for absolutely nothing” (Feb. 3) explaining more federal government waste of taxpayers’ cash, this time on quarantine hotels. Unfortunately, we’ve pertained to anticipate absolutely nothing less from our absolutely inefficient federal government. I would, nevertheless, like to mention that your option of the word “visitor”– utilized to explain individuals inhabiting these spaces– is inaccurate. They, in reality, were detainees, restricted in these hotels versus their will and in offense of their Charter rights and liberties. Simply stating.

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Rick Mailloux Windsor

( Another revolting display screen of waste from the Trudeau Liberals)


After several years of politically ineffective efforts (2 seats in 20- plus years) to persuade Canadian citizens that the Greens have a location in Canada’s political system, the celebration keeps shooting itself in the foot … and hand. It has actually ended up being apparent given that Elizabeth May’s early days that the battle to wedge the celebration in between the NDP and Liberal so-called “green” problems has actually been not successful. Regardless of May’s particular position of neglecting real-world realities of life (” oil is dead”), and her current railing versus efforts to much better handle our healthcare, she has actually rotated along, bucking energy programs and anything that isn’t green. The last couple of years have actually seen a host of issues within the celebration, varying from allegations about management design– Annemarie Paul’s short reign– to severe argument on celebration policies re Zionism. For May, she has actually never ever been able to gather adequate Canadian citizens to record any genuine assistance in terms of seats won. Now she has actually gone back to regain a management position, albeit with a partner from Quebec, who might understand where the oil is concealed! As much as May and other Greens have actually looked for a location in Canadian politics, there is no location, the NDP has enough left-wing policies to fulfill Canadian citizens’ requirements for a very long time to come, and the Green Party has actually been not able to discover tenable positions amongst its numerous leaders and its citizens.

Duane Sharp Mississauga

( To put it slightly, the Green Party of Canada is a hot mess and citizens see that, election after election)


I’m simply composing due to the fact that I am beyond fed up with seeing news short articles (in other traditional media outlets, too) on policies from our federal government based upon what is taking place in the United States.

Mike Johnson Guelph

( And far frequently it’s policies that aren’t especially effective, however sound excellent to a particular section of the voting population)


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