The President of the Republic of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, attended today the ceremonial opening of the reconstructed hotel “Planinka” in Kuršumlijska Banja, and then sat down to talk with the citizens of the Merdara Municipality, who introduced him to all with problems.

– This is the royal spa, this is the Nemanjića spa. There were ruins, an unfortunate is magnificent! We also invited the people from Merdar to see what we can do to solve everything. You should talk about nature parks, let’s see what we can do – said President Vučić.

President Vučić is talking to the residents of Merdar

At the beginning of the meeting, which is being held in the reconstructed “Planinka” hotel, President Vučić told the attendees to state what should be done.

– We can’t do everything, it’s not even realistic, but tell me what’s the most important, what you can’t do without – said President Vučić.

One resident presented problems and stated that first of all there are no residents, and then an adequate road, they need more lighting, as well as better connections with other places.

– First of all, we have the issue of emigration. Every September 1, my children move because we don’t have transportation. It was completely ruined for us. Had only one line in the morning. Our roads in the village are in chaos – one of the residents complained to Vučić. photo: Printscreen/PinkAleksandar VučićAleksandar Vučić

The president immediately had proposals and solutions for these problems.

– I have already received all your remarks. Merdare is our border town across the administrative line in the south. We never had roads there, and people leave for a better life in Prokuplje, Niš, Belgrade. 136 people are currently in the local community, there are old people, there are sick people, how many are able to work? Out of 80, we will hire 35 from Merdar, the rest from surrounding towns. It is a big thing and a big issue that we solved. We take over all the expenses, but don’t let them get a job and not work after three months. Please, let us not be faced with it, as we are in many places.

– For the male workforce, a new competition is being announced for the admission of unskilled labor that they will train as welders. They will have very good wages here at the factory, according to Blac. Just so you know that it is for some of the men who are physically stronger, who want to go to the training that we pay for, we are missing the guards. they go around that. Regarding public transport.

Aleksandar Vučić photo: Kurir

Aleksandar Vučić

About the publication of Bislimi

– It was a good conversation with the ambassadors of Quinte. They said what they thought about Kosovo, I told them about Kosovo and Metohija. Long live Serbia, forward Kuršumlija – concluded the president.

About the announcement of Borelj and the invitation to Brussels

– They can push whatever they want, but they have to tell me what the meaning of it is. If you think you are calling me to Brussels to persuade me to say ZSO at the same time as what, or I don’t know what, don’t call me. I’ve been to Brussels 200 times, I’m not interested, if you call me let me know that they delivered the ZSO, when they deliver it I’ll come to talk about everything else. Don’t expect me to accept a change of approach that has already been agreed upon.

– When someone thinks they have the right to be arrogant because they have powerful protectors. Those senseless tricks don’t work for me.

About investments

– Niš asks about the city hospital, and it has a magnificent KC. We have to finish in Kragujevac, there are plans for the oncology clinic. We have built many hospitals. We know about the issue in Nis and you will receive an answer in the following period. We should soon open another factory in Niš. We will have many more things to do. We will build a new tower, we will work around the airport in Nis – said the president and added:

– What is important is the ring road around Nis, both because of the crowd and because of safety. It will be perfectly connected. We will have a highway to Istanbul, from Subotica, through Šid, to Istanbul, Niš will raise it in every sense.

About the extreme right

– They are going around Serbia to convince people that I gave Hillary Clinton 2 million dollars. We extracted everything that the state of Serbia gave, we will go public with that, and it will be shown how much they lied. They deceived the people. I will fight with work and truth.

About the conversation with Dačić

– We had a conversation. Talked about goals. It was not Dacic who proposed to arrest me, but Đilas’ godfather, and it is not his fault that he is his godfather, it is some man who is falsely presenting himself. To each his own business. When someone threatens me and my children with Gaddafi’s scenario, what more can you expect from such people. It is up to us to lead the country in a decent way, as it can go, and move on.

About Ambassador Hill’s statement

– As for Hill, you can never expect a change in American policy. He did not say that Serbia will be North Korea, that was taken out of context. Whether it had a hidden message and a hidden meaning, I do not rule out the possibility, but that is how it was conveyed.

About the development of the Spa

– The railway will operate from March next year when it will be repaired and restored. In total, in Serbia, from 2000 to 2012, they reconstructed zero meters in Toplica, Niš, Leskovac, Pirot, zero meters anywhere. We have done 785 km, reconstructed railways, now we are building many new railways. We are also converting it into a high-speed railway, to connect Niš and Belgrade. I’m never satisfied, never! If we look at this, it was a ruin, today it is a magnificent hotel. Let’s take a look at the new factory, we are now working and thinking about opening a knitwear factory here by July or August. We transferred a large number of soldiers to Kuršumli. Everything we could do quickly, we did, just so people know that it’s not cheap.

When asked to comment on Konjufc’s statement about not accepting the ZSO, President Vučić said that this is what the Albanians think.

– Expected statement and I congratulate them for finally being honest. I know that they never planned to form ZSO. Now let’s see what the Americans and Europeans will do. If they want to talk, the ZSO must be implemented.

Address of President Vučić

The President greeted everyone present and thanked “for this wonderful day in difficult times for our country”. The president recalled the historical importance of Kuršumlija and the Kuršumlija spa, but also the importance of the tourist offer. He chose this area because of its strategic location and mineral wealth. Both God and nature were particularly generous to this part of Serbia. We have inexhaustible sources of healing water that are rarely found anywhere else. It has been known since the Romans for its healing waters and mineral mud – said Vučić.

The President pointed out that everything was completely destroyed before. I was here six years ago. What we saw then looked more like objects destroyed in NATO aggression. We destroyed what was social and state through our negligence, carelessness, inaction. Although we talked about Kuršumlijska spa being renovated, to do something big for the whole region, it took a long time. I’m proud of the fact that people invested time and energy. Today, along with two hotels, and in Lukovska, Prolom banja, these are big news, big things for our Serbia. When the highway comes, a new eight-kilometer road to the Kuršumlija spa will be provided, so people will be able to get there faster from Belgrade, Niš, Prokuplje.

President Vučić pointed out that the state helped in a higher percentage than it helps foreigners. He also said that he almost cried when he saw how it was all destroyed in 2005, 2006.

– Look, this looked like the ruins from the bombing, I’ve been here before. Now it looks extremely – said the president and emphasized that the plan is to employ 700 people. tomorrow, and a night’s stay will cost 7,000 dinars in a 4-star hotel.

– I haven’t been to Lukovska banja recently, but I realized that I will come here in Kuršumlijska soon. Congratulations, you have furnished very nicely. Now you will be closer to the Jablanica district via the Radan mountain. I am happy that we helped both for the Lukovska spa and this one here – President Vučić points out.

President Vučić then visited the hotel rooms, saying that everything looks very nice.

– Well, it’s nice that you have a gym, which I wouldn’t enter even if I came, as you can see – said President Vučić jokingly.

President Vučić said that privatization in Serbia at that time destroyed a lot of things and added that in 2015 he was in Kuršumlijska banja and talked with the chairman of the board of directors of the Joint Stock Company “Planinka” Radovan Raičević.

– Guys, happy work! Where are you from? Unfortunately, did you retrain yourself for this job or were you already in the profession – the president asked some employees. to the media of the president of the republic.

15 million euros were invested in the reconstruction of the hotel “Planinka” in Kuršumlijska Banja and the building is now like new.

( Kurir. rs)

Aleksandar Vučić


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