Lodging Econometrics: Top 25 U.S. Markets Grow in the Hotel Construction Pipeline

Dallas, Texas

In the Q12023 U.S. Construction Pipeline Trend Report launched by Lodging Econometrics(LE), LE experts report that as a group, year-over-year the hotel building and construction pipeline has actually grown in the Top 25 Markets in the United States. The leading 5 U.S. markets with the biggest hotel building and construction pipelines at the close of the very first quarter are led by Dallas with, record-high job and space counts of 184 jobs/21,810 spaces. Following are Atlanta with 144 tasks/18,242 spaces, Los Angeles with 118 tasks/19,066 spaces, Phoenix with 117 tasks/16,100 spaces, and Nashville with 115 tasks/15,354 spaces.

Markets with the best variety of tasks currently under building and construction at the Q1 close are New York with 54 projects/8,682 spaces, Atlanta with 26 projects/4,278 spaces, and the Inland Empire with 26 projects/2,584 spaces. Dallas has 25 projects/3,739 spaces while Phoenix has 24 projects/5,155 spaces jobs currently under building.

Dallas has the most tasks set up to begin in the next 12 months with 70 projects/8,076 spaces, followed by Atlanta with 61 projects/7,464 spaces, Los Angeles with 45 projects/6,894 spaces, Phoenix with 45 projects/5,472 spaces, and after that the Inland Empire with 41 projects/4,173 spaces.

Nationally, early preparation tasks and space counts struck a brand-new all-time high in Q1 with 2,434 jobs/276,274 spaces. Year-over-year, the Top 25 markets in the United States, as a group, have actually seen a 10 percent development in early preparation jobs. The marketplaces with the most tasks in early preparation at the close of the very first quarter are once again led by Dallas with 89 projects/9,995 spaces, then Nashville with 59 projects/7,182 spaces, Atlanta with 57 projects/6,500 spaces, Los Angeles with 56 projects/9,433 spaces, and Phoenix with 48 projects/5,473 spaces.

Brand conversion and restoration activity continue to be a focus in the accommodations market. In the very first quarter of 2023, LE tape-recorded record-high remodelling and brand name conversion overalls of 1,953 active tasks/253,533 spaces. The marketplaces with the biggest count of combined remodelling and conversion jobs are Atlanta with 41 projects/4,427 spaces, Houston with 38 projects/3,969 spaces, Chicago with 34 projects/4,572 spaces, Dallas with 31 projects/3,807 spaces, and San Diego with 28 projects/4,238 spaces.

New task statements have actually been sluggish to go back to pre-pandemic task counts. Building begins in the overall U.S. pipeline increased 20 percent by tasks and 30 percent by spaces YOY.

In the very first quarter, Nashville has the greatest variety of brand-new jobs revealed into the pipeline with 14 projects/1,847 spaces. Dallas follows with 11 projects/1,576 spaces, then Atlanta with 10 projects/1,146 spaces, Austin with 9 projects/1,201 spaces, and Phoenix with 9 tasks/885 spaces.

LE is anticipating the top 50 markets to open 319 brand-new hotels/42,743 spaces in2023 LE experts expect that brand-new hotel openings will continue to increase within the top 50 U.S. markets, forecasting 327 brand-new hotels/43,525 spaces to open through 2024.

In the 2023 projection, experts anticipate New York to lead with the greatest variety of brand-new hotels to open with 43 accounting for 7,219 spaces, followed by Dallas with 14 brand-new hotel projects/2,268 spaces and the Inland Empire with 14 brand-new hotels/1,377 spaces. For 2024, LE experts anticipate the Inland Empire to open the most brand-new hotels, with 22 brand-new hotel projects/2,191 spaces anticipated to open. Following the Inland Empire, Atlanta is anticipated to open 21 brand-new hotel projects/3,356 spaces in 2024, then Dallas with 18 brand-new hotel projects/1,973 spaces.


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