Magno Malta details hotel bathroom accident: “I lost my balance”

Elected senator suffered an accident in the bathroom of a hotel in Vitória da Conquista, Bahia, where he was to participate in a campaign event

Magno Malta relata acidente na Bahia
Magno Malta reports an accident in Bahia. ( Fernando Madeira)
Ícone - Tempo de Leitura Published on October 26, 2022 at 4:00 pm

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During the visit of federal deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro (PL-SP) to Vitória this Wednesday (26), elected senator Magno Malta, also from the PL, gave more details about the accident in the bathroom of a hotel in Vitória da Conquista, Bahia , where he was staying earlier in the week to participate in a campaign event.

Malta published a video on social media on Monday (24) with a bandage and a black eye, in addition to nose and mouth injuries. He had said that he “had an accident in the blindex”. He gave more details about the accident on Wednesday (26). The senator-elect said that because he has a spinal cord injury, he has no sensation in one leg and when he was in the box ended up losing balance. When trying to support himself on that leg, he leaned on the glass of the shower, but as the doors opened to the online forum he ended up falling into the bathroom.

Ícone - Tempo de Leitura Magno Malta details accident in hotel bathroom: “I lost my balance”

“They helped me and took me to Unimed. I stayed there, took 15 stitches. I broke my nose”, he says.

Ícone - Tempo de Leitura

” I got unbalanced with this bad leg that I have a liability. Then I went to prop it [on the shower window] When I propped it up, the doors opened. I walked right by, with my head close to the toilet. I’m glad my daughter was with me “

Magno Malta
Ícone - Tempo de Leitura Elected Senator

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The senator-elect says he still has, as a result of the accident, a turbidity in a view. According to Magno Malta, this Wednesday he will go to an ophthalmologist, after the program with Eduardo Bolsonaro.

Eduardo Bolsonaro em evento de campanha de Manato na Serra
Eduardo Bolsonaro at a Manato na Serra campaign event. ( Fernando Madeira)

Ícone - Tempo de Leitura About Sunday’s election, he says he’s confident. “We will win. I am very confident that we will win the election and it will be a new, different pace. Change of leadership too. We have been with the same leaders for more than twenty years and I am sure of Bolsonaro’s election in the Manato election on the 30th” , he said.

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