Magno Malta suffers accident at hotel and is taken to hospital

Magno Malta was elected senator for Espírito Santo– Photo : Disclosure

Magno Malta, ) 65 years old, senator elected by the state of Espírito Santo, suffered a severe accident in a hotel and was forwarded to a nearby medical facility, this Monday morning (10/24).

A video circulating on social media shows the senator giving the news. With his face injured and bandaged, Magno said that the accident happened after a luxury glass broke in a hotel where he was staying.

The shards of glass cut Magnus’ face and eyebrow, just above his right eye.

The senator was then taken to a medical facility in Vitória da Conquista, Bahia. In the northeastern state, along with other right-wing politicians, Malta seeks to shift voters’ votes in favor of President Bolsonaro.

The politician also said that he was advised by doctors to rest, even so, Malta said that he still travels today to continue his mission to get votes for the president. Watch:


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