Maid warns: Never use folded toilet paper in hotel rooms

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    Zimmermädchen reinigt Toilette eines Hotelzimmers. Comments

    Zimmermädchen reinigt Toilette eines Hotelzimmers.

    hotel maids often fold a triangle into the first piece of the toilet paper roll. (Iconic image) © Sergiy Tryapitsyn/Imago

    The hotel stay is usually associated with relaxation. But you should be careful: A maid advises against the use of folded toilet paper.

    As a maid revealed, it’s just to do one thing with this apparently lovingly folded triangle at the beginning of the toilet paper roll: throw it away.

    Maid warns about unsanitary toilet paper

    Like a Chambermaid already some time ago opposite the portal Focus revealed, the entire hotel room is first cleaned before the small corner is folded into the toilet paper. Since the cleaning staff usually do not wash their hands after cleaning, be exactly this corner the toilet paper roll so unhygienic Here you can find out, by the way, which some hotels use Making soaps after you use them

    Annotation of the editors: This text has already appeared in the past. He was of particular interest to many readers. That’s why we’re offering it again.

    The maid advises: rather unwind two to three layers of the toilet paper roll and throw them away. But you should definitely not use the triangle.

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