Man has heart attack in hotel and dies with winning Mega da Virada ticket

A 54-year-old man was found dead in a hotel book last week in Curitiba (PR). According to the Military Police, next to the man there was a winning Mega-Sena ticket worth R$ 398 thousand.

The body was found after officials from the regional unit called the police after they were no longer able to contact him. As soon as the police entered the book, they found the man lifeless.

The winning lottery ticket of about R$ 400 thousand that were among the belongings of José Aparecido Monteiro, period of the 2018 Mega da Virada.

” We reached the regional and he was already dead. By all indications, it would be a natural death, because there were no marks of violence. He is a resident of the interior of the state and had a paper to withdraw the money, but he had not yet done so”, soldier Bazani informed UOL.

The Scientific Police of Paraná and the Civil Police (PC) were called to go to the regional. An expertise was carried out on the entire book and the ticket, as well as other belongings, were collected and underwent a new expertise this Monday (02/06) at the Legal Medical Institute (IML).

According to UOL, the man’s sister, Maria José do Nascimento, 59 years old, stated that the prize acts from the 2018 Mega da Virada, and that had already been removed. In addition, the Civil Police of Paraná confirmed that the cause of death was a heart attack.

” There are many people thinking and saying that he would still redeem the prize, but it is not true. “He had the request (to make the withdrawal) in his bag because he went to solve bureaucratic issues in Curitiba for a clothing company that he had”, explained the sister.

She said that Nascimento used to live with her in Campo Mourão (PR), but had been in Curitiba since November last year with a forecast to return for Carnival.

According to her, her brother “lived smiling at life”. “He was supposed to come for Christmas, but it didn’t work out. He was planning to come back for Carnival,” she said. Maria José explained that the information received by the family was that the death occurred due to a heart attack. “A few months ago he started to feel sick and discovered that, in addition to high blood pressure, he had diabetes. From what he said, he had already started the treatment”, he explained.

About the prize money, the sister said that he paid off some debts and bought goods to work with clothing. José Aparecido Monteiro was buried last Saturday (02/04), at the São Judas Tadeu Municipal Cemetery, in Campo Mourão, the city where he was born.


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