Melody Luz would be pregnant with Alex Caniggia: Charlotte's reaction to finding out live

Charlotte Caniggia is preparing to participate in the truth “El hotel de los Famosos 2 ″. After her brother Alex Caniggia will be the winner of the first season, the influencer is looking for the same fate.

Invited to the program Socios del Show, she spoke about the subject with some of those who will share her days at the hotel with her, and was very surprised when Marian Farjat told her about her brother.

It’s just that Alex Caniggia is always in the news, and they are constantly talking about him.This is how Charlotte made it known, when they asked her, for example, if it was true that the house where they lived “was taken”.

” That’s a lie, I already heard it, no. Stupid,” he said bluntly. And he revealed how the situation is with his family at the moment. same way. And confirmed that Alex does not deal with his father, Claudio Paul Caniggia. “Not for now,” he admitted, giving a small hope that this could change at some point.

It was there that Marian Farjat asked her an unexpected question: “Is it true that Melody Luz is pregnant?”, launched without anesthesia With a wide smile, Charlotte Caniggia denied: “No, no, that’s not true” And consistent with her previous statements, stating that many stupid things are said, she added: “But if you want, that’s fine”.

Melody Luz estaría embarazada de Alex Caniggia: la reacción de Charlotte al enterarse en vivo

Melody Luz would be pregnant with Alex Caniggia: Charlotte’s reaction to finding out live

Many interpreted that the media had reacted surprisingly Dida because her own brother would not have told her such news, especially since Marian Farjay insisted: “A little bird told me”, implying that she knew it from a reliable source.

But others assumed that Charlotte Caniggia simply did not want to argue or contradict anyone, and let them think what they wanted.

What does it say Alex Caniggia from the theme

While on vacation in Europe, Alex Caniggia and Melody Luz shared some intriguing photos , which led to the belief that there was a baby on the way. “It’s coming,” El Emperador had published. But then it was he himself who denied it: “Well, people, we are in Seville and the truth is, what can I tell you… She is not pregnant, she does not want babies,” assured Alex Caniggia.


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