Ministry of Village PDTT and Pertides Accelerate Steps to Accelerate Village Development

Kemendes PDTT dan Pertides Akselerasikan Langkah Percepatan Pembangunan Desa Mendes PDTT Abdul Halim Iskandar. ©2022 Special -Ministry of Villages, Development of Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration (Kemendes PDTT) and Higher Education Forum for Villages (Pertides) continue to synergize steps in framework of accelerating village development. Among other things, by discussing recommendations and thoughts from universities for the progress and development of villages, in an online forum held at the Borobudur hotel, Tuesday (8/11).taboola mid articleMendes PDTT, Abdul Halim Iskandar said the ideas generated from this online forum were very important for the Ministry of Health as a basis for further accelerating development in the village. “Two things are expected to be discussed for the short term 2023-2024, as well as the medium term 2025-2045, because the placing of higher education institutions has also experienced an extraordinary acceleration. Those two things are economic growth and development of human resources,” said the Minister who is familiarly called This Gus Halim. Gus Halim emphasized that it was time to accelerate this acceleration step. This is because the existence of Village Funds of IDR 468 trillion has proven successful in building villages and villages have proven to be strong in terms of economic resilience. In addition, during the Covid-19 Pandemic, the fact was that villages experienced a decrease in poverty povertyIf explored more deeply, solving problems in the village is the same as solving 84 percent of development problems in Indonesia. “From a territorial perspective, 74,691 villages or the equivalent of 91 percent of Indonesia’s territory and from a population perspective, 71 percent of the population lives in villages,” said Doctor Honoris Causa from UNY. The development of the village has also been significant. It was recorded that in 2022, around 6,300 Independent Villages and a drastic decline in Underdeveloped and Very Underdeveloped Villages. Gus Halim said that the provinces that had succeeded in completing Disadvantaged Villages were Bali, East Java, West Java, Yogyakarta and Bangka Belitung. “In the future, determination of village status must be reconstructed because the challenges are different,” said Gus Halim. The challenges that will be faced later need to be formulated in an informational way so that the development orientation in the village is very clear and can be felt by the villagers. In this case, Gus Halim ensures that the Village SDGs are a guide for village development. “Village SDGs will clarify the direction of village development, facilitate the implementation of development, and make it easier to measure the results, benefits and impacts of development,” he emphasized. Apart from that, the success of village development, said Gus Halim, requires the support of all parties such as Pertides and Deputy Speaker of the DPR Abdul Muhaimin Iskandar who also played a role in the birth of the Ministry of Villages PDTT. Meanwhile, Head of Pertides Panut Mulyono said, the role of universities in making the Village SDGs successful can be carried out through development and innovation as well as various policies based on research results “Thematic KKN for developing village potential is also important,” said Panut.Furthermore, higher education institutions can improve the competency of Village Officials and Facilitators through education and training such as the Past Learning Recognition Program (RPL).”RPL is one way to measure educational equality,” said Panut.In the online forum, Deputy Speaker of the DPR, Abdul Muhaimin Iskandar, also gave a keynote address on the theme of Village Development Thought. Also present at the event were the Regent of Bojonegoro Anna Mu’awanah, Chancellors of Pertides members, Secretary General of the Ministry of Village Taufik Madjid, Primary and Middle High Officials within the Ministry of Village PDTT. [hrs]


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