More than 100 people surrender to Jesus during satanic conference in the USA

O evangelista brasileiro Marcos Nürmberger evangelizou durante a conferência satânica. (Foto: Facebook/Marcos Nürmberger)
Brazilian evangelist Marcos Nürmberger evangelized during the satanic conference. (Photo: Facebook/Marcos Nürmberger)

Last week, the satanic conference “SatanCon 2023” in Boston, in the United States.

The event organized by the Satanic Temple and titled as the “greatest satanic meeting in history”, brought together hundreds of people at the luxury Marriott Copley Place hotel, between April 28th and 30th.

While Satanists tore up a Bible and celebrated the massacre of children in Brazil, outside Christians gathered in in front of the hotel to preach the truth to conference participants.

Among them was Brazilian evangelist Marcos Nürmberger , which announces the Gospel through signs on the streets of the USA.

He and two other Brazilians, the missionary Fábio Alsemo and Felipe Silva, traveled three hours to Boston on Saturday (29), to preach in front of the hotel, using signs, megaphones and leaflets.

In an interview with the Christian website

Guiame, Marcos said that he heard about the conference three days before on Facebook and felt moved to do something for lost souls.

Compassion for souls

” Compassion led me there. Love for souls is what leads me to talk about Jesus every day where I am, to whomever and whenever, all for Jesus”, he said.

” This event caught my attention even more because of the number of young people they recruit to enter this religion and because people are directly worshiping Satan without knowing who he is. This I also told them. And they have no idea who God is, with most of them claiming to be atheists, some not”.

In front of the hotel that hosted the event, more than 40 Christians evangelized, including Americans, Koreans, Chinese and Africans. There was ministry with megaphones and worship, according to Marcos.

The evangelist reported that the evangelism was peaceful and no one tried to stop the Christians. Some Satanists heard the message, while others showed displeasure with the action.

” Of the nearly 900 people inside, about 50 would go outside to smoke and go to the corner for a drink. coffee. These read the plates, listened to the message of the preachers, and some raised their voices too, they did not listen willingly. Many insults, mockery, middle finger, devil’s horn, satanic symbol. But the Word spoken or written does not return empty”, he said.

And he pondered: “In the vision of many, we were there to confront them, or impose something, but, in general, it was not like that. A girl I spoke with, in particular, listened willingly, but I cannot say 100% that one of them acts, I believe so”.

Heavy spiritual environment

Marcos said that the spiritual environment acts very heavy in the regional. “An oppression that you could feel in the air”, he described.

” At last, one of the leaders of that convention passed by me, didn’t stop, but listened to a 10 second word that Jesus frees and saves”.

According to the evangelist, one of the most famous Satanists in the USA he even left the hotel to talk to the Christians.

” About six [evangelists] spoke to him , including a Jew passing by on the sidewalk, they talked for about 30 minutes, he rebuffed and rejected everything, but the Word does not return empty”, he said.

For Marcos Nürmberger, the Christian should not conform to this world, but make a difference, being the light of Christ.

” We do not fail when we do not win a soul, we fail when we do not do what the Lord has given us to do, we fail when we can say something and remain silent, out of shame, fear or any other reason. Jesus help us, give us grace. Close He is coming back, very close”, he concluded.

Infiltrated Evangelists

Worship minister Sean Feucht, leader of the Let United States Worship movement, reported that undercover evangelists infiltrated the event leading people to Jesus, the information he received from an undisclosed close source.

” As they ripped pages out of the Bible to kick off the biggest satanic gathering ever (SatanCon in Boston), more than 98 participants gave their lives to Jesus (verified!) from undercover evangelists infiltrated the crowd,” Sean wrote on Twitter.

In an interview with Fox News, the leader said that the action was promoted by local Boston ministers in partnership with Christian groups, who prayed with many participants of the satanic conference.

“According to the local guys I’m friends with, they said they thought it was the largest organized evangelistic effort in recent Boston history,” Feucht said. .

While they were ripping up pages of the Bible to start the biggest Satanic event ever (SatanCon in Boston), over 98 participants surrendered their lives to Jesus (confirmed!) from hidden evangelists penetrating the crowd.


pic.twitter .com/sx2NouTouq— Sean Feucht (@seanfeucht) May 1, 2023

Rescued Lives

Prior to the satanic encounter, Intercessors for America (IFA) promoted a prayer campaign with 500,000 intercessors to cry out for salvation and deliverance among Satanists .

The organization also evangelized during the conference in Boston. According to Kris Kubal, IFA program director, 120 have come to Christ as a result.

” Our Approach speak with love, and we were more interested in setting people free, not praying against them; in talking, not screaming,” noted Kris.

The leader explained that not all those who converted were Satanists and that many people went to the event out of curiosity

According to Kris, during conversations with Satanists, evangelists are surprised to learn that many of them were raised in the church.

“Maybe they got hurt by the church and now they’ve moved away. So that was a surprising thing”, he commented.

Kubal concluded by saying he may never know the fruits of evangelism in Boston, but quoted John Quincy Adams: “The duty is ours, the results are from God”.

Source : Guide me with information from Fox News and CBN News


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