More than 40 percent of students do not believe that they will work in the profession, research shows

Education and consultation fair EDUFair 2022, November 26, hotel Metropol

It is needed a lot to achieve a successful career, even when one knows in which direction he wants to focus his specialization and how to develop his potential maximum. All this requires ambition for development in a certain field, desires, interests, but also the possession of certain skills and abilities. Research conducted at the Faculty of Philosophy in Rijeka in 2019 showed that only about 22 percent of students know in which direction they want to develop their education, and as many as 42 percent believe that they will not be able to find a job in the desired field, or that they will achieve bad results if they do. in that direction Although it is clear that the majority of students enroll what they want in principle, these data show that the majority were not really informed about the possibilities that were available to them, nor did they have a clear an idea of ​​what the career they choose would really entail.

The Belgrade Education Fair EDUFair, a traditional event that has been bringing families together for years, is scheduled for November 26 at the Metropol hotel and announced as an education consultation fair. For the first time in Belgrade, students, pupils and their families will be able to go deeper into the questions before them at free consultations with experts from some of the most respected international educational institutions: How to enroll in the desired program abroad? What will life be like during your studies? What does the life look like that I opt for by enrolling in a certain faculty and is it the best solution for me?

Just taking the exam it is not enough for high school students to determine their life path, it is necessary to pay extra attention to these decisions. Consultations with experts are a very important step and can help a lot in the field of educational orientation, whether the family is considering a foreign language school, boarding school, high school abroad or academic training.

On the guide, I have had high school students who want to study law but don’t like to read, or those who want to study psychology but are not interested in statistics. This shows that they were not sufficiently informed about the details of the path they choose. From the professional orientation tests, which are composed in such a way as to point out the areas to which the student should pay attention, and through counseling related to scholarships, educational approaches and programs, consultations help in the decision-making process and choosing the best option for education, that is why they are becoming more and more popular and becoming a kind of family tradition in Serbia as well. EduFair is a unique opportunity for visitors to meet representatives from many reputable educational institutions in one place, to obtain significant discounts on foreign language summer schools, but also to receive counseling completely free of charge,” announced Veselina Todorova, an education consultant in front of Integraledu team, organizer of EduFair.

Denis Bas, a strategic advisor from one of the most respected Dutch universities “

Eindhoven University of Technology“, is coming to Belgrade at EduFair and points out that the essence of the consultation process is finding of what young people really like and what they’re really interested in: “Mostly what we like and what we’re good at go together, but it’s not always so obvious. It is best to make a long list of potential careers that would be good to research and visit days for open consultations, talk to experts, but also students who are already participating in those programs and think about possible careers. There is a big chance that preferences change over time, so my recommendation is to avoid options that are too narrow and that will not leave us room for possible changes,” explained Denis Bas, who will be available for consultations at the Metropol hotel.

Over sixty reputable educational institutions from more than ten countries, Europe and America will participate in this year’s education and consultation fair EduFair. Consultations with education experts at the upcoming EduFair are free, as is the entrance. Registration for the event is done on the website
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