Most: Valuable land sold to PPD, people left homeless

Parliament representatives of Most Miro Bulj and Nikola Grmoja supported the family of five families who live in the area of ​​the former military resort in Baško polje, where, they claim, the hotel complex and valuable land sold to a group connected with PPD and Russian capital.

It is about 30 hectares of land “which was sold for nothing under suspicious circumstances, and the veterans from the Homeland War who live there with their families neither had the opportunity to buy the land, nor were they compensated”, pointed out Bulj who “came to support his comrades because they want to throw them out of their country”. Most spoke about this topic in the Parliament two months ago, he reminded Grmoj, who called the sale “an affair bigger than INA”. He says that the citizens were damaged for two billion kuna, because the land is so valuable, and “the energy cartel gathered around Pavle Vujnovac got individual plots for only 15 euros per square meter”. He asserted that the land was sold by pension funds, which at the same time made a decision to buy the hotel in Postire from that group, which had never worked and for which no one could know how it would work and what kind of returns it would have.Grmoja also says that Joško Roščić, the mayor of the municipality of Baška Voda, which includes the village of Baško Polje, repurposed part of the mentioned land for construction “which he refused earlier, when the state asked him to do so”. .He asserted that the Prime Minister’s adviser Andrej Plenković, Mate Granić and former state attorney general Mladen Bajić were also involved in that situation. – The public interest was damaged, because the valuable land was handed over to a tycoon for “sică”, and these people have no feeling for the residents who have lived here for 40 years, said Grmoja. Baška Voda municipality councilor Josip Topalović openly warns that this is a crime because “it is clear to everyone that you cannot buy a square meter of land by the sea for 15 euros, when the price of a square meter ranges from 300 to 500 euros “.Therefore, Grmoja invited Plenković to come to Baška Voda and Baško Polje to see what his team left to Vujnovac and the energy cartel. He sent an invitation to those “who say that criticizing the First Gas Company is an attack on Croatia, an attack on Vukovar”, by which he called out the president of the Homeland Movement Ivan Penava

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