Municipal leaders entered a historic hotel “to get peace of mind”

Nordfjord Municipality is in a financial crunch.

Stad kommune is 76 million in the red, guys where are they going to cut?

In elderly care?

In the kindergartens?

In school?

Maybe in road maintenance or cultural support?

In order to find out about these tough cuts, the municipal management needs a working order.

Luxury in Sunnmøre

They were able to find a meeting room at the town hall at Nordfjordeid. Or they could walk 450 meters to Nordfjord hotel. Or maybe we were in the old town hall in Selje.

Instead, they chose the historical hotel Union Øye

on Sunnmøre.

A room there costs from 2,300 to NOK 17,000.

Group leader Anfinn Sjåstad for the Progress Party in Stad does not like the use of money.

It’s a bit unmusical. It is not exactly this that makes our municipal economy bad. Paint it is a signal effect.

Hotel Union på Øye har fåtr nytt påbygg i gamal stil, påbygget med ark til høgre.

Historic hotel Union Øye is located in Ørsta municipality in Sunnmøre.

Photo: Sissel Brunstad/NRK

Emperors, kings and municipal leaders

The hotel from 1891 has previously housed great judges such as emperor William 2 of Germany, Queen Vilhelmina of the Netherlands, the kings Oscar 2 and Haakon 7 and Queen Maud, the authors Karen Blixen and Arthur Conan Doyle , and adventurers Roald Amundsen and Fridtjof Nansen

And now eight municipal tops from Stad. It was

Fjordenes Tidende
who revealed the case.

The price tag for the eight people came to NOK 39,900.

Queen Maud ( on the left) and King Haakon VII (on the right) have both been guests at hotel Union. Crown Prince Olav (in the middle) was not there.

Photo: Anders Beer Wilse/ The royal collections

— We are here to balance the budget and we have to get out of the municipality to get peace of mind, says municipal director Åslaug Krogsæter in Stad municipality to the newspaper.

— Are they worried about the signal effect they send when the tenant travels for hotel accommodation to find savings?hotel a year or not. We must have the conditions to do this work. If we don’t leave, we will be continuously disturbed. Every leadership group, also in the surrounding municipalities, does this, Krogsæter replies to Fjordenes Tidende.

Municipal director Åslaug Krogsæter in Stad.

Photo: NRK

If they don’t cut, risk those to be financially blacklisted:

— This will not resolve itself. In 2024 we will be in Fjordenes Tidende

— Do you understand the reactions that have come?

I expect that my colleagues have a great understanding that it is a demanding job to come to a common understanding of what the municipality as a whole, with all its various tasks, must do when we lack 76 million to maintain current operations, says Pub diners for NRK.

Did the neighbors go to a hotel?

NRK has asked the neighboring municipalities about they

take in on hotel to get work peace to
&& Aring; settle accounts. Be careful that the minus side is not bigger than the plus side.&& nbsp; ” data-term= “balance”> balancethe budget.

They do not have such a practice in Gloppen

Or in Vanylven


We have been to hotels in other contexts, not painted in a budgetary context, says municipal director Andreas Nørve.

Or in Volda


We have worked on the autumn budget at the town hall in the leaders’ and daily meetings, says municipal director Rune Sjurgard.

Or in True


There has not been a tradition in Sande municipality, says municipal director Anders Norvald Hammer.

Or in Bremanger


— We h are not used to to travel away. Male I have understanding for those municipalities that have shop challenges with extensive cuts that need it, says municipal director Tom Joensen.

Or in Stryn:

We have not done it in recent years. And I am not aware that it has been done before either, says municipal director Jon B. Nesje.

Baren ved Hotel Union Øye.

Rom på Hotel Union Øye.

The exclusive bar overlooks the herb garden at hotel Union Øye.

Photo: Solveig Svarstad/NRK

Nor in Ørsta where hotel Union Øye is located.

We have never done that. Guy, maybe it’s not so stupid to manage to collect yourself. It might be a good idea, says municipal director Wenche Solheim.

— We have never taken the budget process at hotel Union, guys we have been there at other professional gatherings

Will defend the tradition

But the neighbor to the west has done the very same as Stad.

In Kinn

municipal director Øyvind Bang-Olsen took four others in the municipal lease to the hotel Knutholmen in Kalvåg for NOK 18,700.

Despite the fact that they have received

criticism for doing so former

— I want to defend this tradition of being able to take breaks during the week to be able to work constructively together. And I feel that we had a sober plan, says municipal director Øyvind Bang-Olsen.

— Is it not possible to find work peace at the town hall?

— Well then. We do it every day. And we work both evenings and weekends. It is not that we cannot work at the town hall.

Every room at hotel Union Øye is uniquely decorated. This is the blue room.

Photo: NRK

Rom på Hotel Union Øye. source

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