Municipality of Colonia will apply to Colonia del Sacramento as the venue for the 2030 World Cup

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At a press conference, the mayor of Colonia, Carlos Moreira (National Party), confirmed that he will apply to Colonia del Sacramento to host the 2030 World Cup. The announcement by the community chief from Colonia is made once Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay and Chile, in February, with the support of the South American Football Confederation (Conmebol), launched the joint candidacy to host the highest football event , on the 100th anniversary of the FIFA guide tournament, held in Uruguayan territory.

Prior to this announcement, the mayor of the Broad Front, Emmanuel Martínez, had presented a draft resolution before the Departmental Board for the Colonian executive to carry out the necessary feasibility studies to be able to present the departmental capital as one of the venues for the 2030 World Cup. Indeed, in the ordinary session of April 21, the board unanimously approved the project Presented by Martinez.

The mayor assured that Colonia del Sacramento “has many positive aspects, such as good access and exit routes, short distances from Montevideo and Buenos Aires, in addition to having the primary country’s passenger port and with development in fundamental areas such as hotels, gastronomy, logistics and transportation”. For the opposition bench, Moreira took over and said: “Without any doubt, we are going to apply to Colonia as the venue for the World Cup.” “We have an exceptional geographical location, with a great hotel and gastronomic infrastructure,” said the president. Possibilities

At the beginning of April, Conmebol made it known that Montevideo, with the Centenario, Campeón del Siglo and Gran Parque Central stadiums, would be the candidate for Uruguay to host, but as the list of possible venues in the four countries is expanding, the possibility was raised for other cities that have potential to run.

In the Congress of Mayors held in Trinidad, Flores, Sebastián Bauzá, in his dual role as National Secretary of Sport and President of the Juntos 2030 Corporation; Ignacio Alonso, president of the Uruguayan Football Association (AUF); and Michael Boys, executive secretary of the corporation that brings together Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay and Chile as potential organizers of the 2030 World Cup, presented the details of the progress of the candidacy and set a deadline of May 15 for interested mayors to apply. to their cities to be venues.

” Colonia is going to apply within the period set by the National Sports Secretariat, and surely Maldonado and some other coastal town will also do so” , stated Moreira.

When asked about the possibilities that the local Alberto Supicci stadium could host this contest, the nationalist mayor explained that “naturally our stadium does not have the necessary locative capacity, but we have time. The existing one can be expanded, since it is located in an exceptional place.” “I’m not going to be there anymore” to carry out the reforms of that stadium, he added, since the real term of government ends in 2025, but “whoever succeeds me will have to solve it,” he said, smiling.

However, Moreira announced that the Colonia commune is “about to award the tender for the change of stadium lighting, which will be excellent”.

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