Mustafa Ceceli: I surrendered to my wife Selin İmer! – Magazine News – Milliyet

For a while, with songs like ‘Salıncak’, ‘Ratgele’

Mustafa Ceceli performed at Lord’s Palace hotel in Cyprus the previous evening. The singer, who met with the journalists before the concert, started by saying “We missed you” and said that her husband

Selin İmer chose her stage outfit.


Ceceli, “Since we got married I haven’t bought anything from the closet for years. I’m doing like, ‘What should I wear, my love? He’s doing this too, is it up to me again?’ Mustafa Ceceli, who said that I surrendered to my wife in every sense, ended his words with the words “I have peace of mind, at least I know what to wear now”.

Mustafa Ceceli: Eşim Selin İmere teslim oldumMustafa Ceceli: Eşim Selin İmere teslim oldum

Singer speaking about the concert, “A very good concert awaits us. Everything is going well, we had a good time this summer. After the pandemic, I think that all artists removed the dust, residue, rust and pain of two years. I even meet my artist friends at the airport, and I am very happy that this is the case. When our industry shares its songs with its listeners, it makes sense.”


Mustafa Ceceli, who said that he had a busy concert shift, said, “Do you not have a hard time, your wife and child stay in Istanbul?” the question, “Mustafa Ceceli: Eşim Selin İmere teslim oldum I arrive on the last

plane and return home on the first plane. I want to spend time with my son too, it was opened in schools,” he replied. Mustafa Ceceli: Eşim Selin İmere teslim oldum

Ceceli, who came together with Merve Bolugur and Mert Aydın who came to listen to her concert, said, “I congratulated them and wished them happiness. A beautiful thing is when two people combine their lives. Not wanting to be one. It is a difficult thing to manage marriages in this period.”


Ceceli, who said that she is interested in Ebru Gündeş’s album work, said, “I am the soloist, I send her greetings from here. So fast in the studio. You know, artists sing one song a day, they came and read the whole album and left. Sometimes he makes jokes about me, young talent, how do you find me or something? He is an incredibly sweet person.” Ceceli said that Ebru Gündeş preferred an album and said, “There are 22 songs that I know of right now. They even have a hard time choosing. They are thinking how many albums we will divide into”.

Mustafa Ceceli: Eşim Selin İmere teslim oldumMustafa Ceceli: Eşim Selin İmere teslim oldum


Mustafa Ceceli, who worked with Sezen Aksu for a long time, was asked ‘Will the little sparrow return to the stage?’ She answered the question, “I personally miss Sezen a month ago, we missed you so much, everyone missed you so much. She was left without comment, I wish she had made a comment for me”.

Ceceli, to her words ; “I grew up in his school and played on his stage for years. I know how excited I am as a musician who plays in the back, let alone a person who plays in the back. I will watch her first concert, I will watch it at the front. My personal opinion is that if Sezen does not take kindly to such a thing now, she will definitely look into it one day. . He missed his audience,” he continued.

Mustafa Ceceli: Eşim Selin İmere teslim oldum


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