Never stay above the 4th floor in a hotel again: A safety expert advises why it's dangerous

A travel safety expert recently looked at the risks of staying in hotels. Although one might think that these are safe places, one would be wrong. The expert explained why to avoid certain floors and also added advice on what information you should never say too loudly at the reception.

Hotels are most often accommodated by vacationers or people who travel as part of their work duties. Mostly, however, these are people who want to enjoy their stay in one of the facilities as much as possible, from breakfast to wellness to sleeping in a big bed.

Beware of higher floors

Mr. Lloyd Figgins, an expert in travel safety, now points out what you should be extremely careful about in hotels, he writes The Sun. The ex-soldier began to explain why people should avoid certain floors in hotels. Specifically, it is about the 1st, 2nd, but also the 4th floor. If we stick to why not stay on the 4th floor and above, the answer is fire safety.

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“When you arrive at the hotel, you find yourself in an unfamiliar environment that you think is safe. The problem is, if the fire alarm should go off, what do we do next? Do we know where the fire exit is? How do we get to him and get you to safety? Is it blocked or locked?” said Figgins.

He recommends that when you stay in a hotel, it is definitely worth walking to see the route to the nearest fire exit. However, this problem also includes a possible emergency escape from the hotel through the window. Figgins claims that most fire ladders are only at the height of the 4th floor.

Those on the lower floor are also in danger

As for the risk of threats on the lower floors, it is mainly thieves and thefts. Thieves and organized groups often have their people even in the most luxurious hotels, which also applies to employees. For example, if the mafia threatens the maid, she has no problem giving the key to the door and letting the thief take what he wants.

To avoid this problem, according to Figgins, you should never say your room number at the front desk. There may be a person near you who listens to it and later tracks when the room will be empty. “Hotels attract criminals because in their room many valuables or guests’ possessions await,” added.

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