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hotel: Autumn and winter are fast approaching, and it is time for dreams. A little luxury, well-being, warmth – anywhere in the world. The international hotel industry has a lot to offer in that area.The Londoner Foto: Andrew Beasley Photography

The Londoner Foto: Andrew Beasley Photography

The Londoner Photo: Andrew Beasley Photography

London, England – The Londoner

In the middle of Leicester Square in London, where theater and drama unfold on the many West End stages throughout the year, there is new boutique hotel The Londoner. The hotel extends over 16 floors with a number of different rooms and suites. According to Vogue, The Londoner has already become a celebrity magnet.Habitas Alula Foto: Habitas Alula The hotel’s restaurants and bars reflect the city’s international status, with, among other things, Japanese izakaya and a modern twist on French Mediterranean cuisine. Your room key also opens the door to “The Residence”, three designer rooms only for hotel guests, not to forget the “retreat”. The hotel has its own fitness centre, medspa and a range of wellness treatments, and you can, among other things, take part in a yoga class in the backyard.

Habitas Alula Foto: Habitas Alula

Habitas Alula Photo: Habitas AlulaThe Londoner Foto: Andrew Beasley Photography

Alula, Saudi Arabia – Habitas Alula )
If guy is to travel to mythical and controversial Saudi Arabia first, Alula is the place. The new desert resort offers luxury wrapped in Arabian attire. All villas, located in the Ashar Valley, have private terraces, king-size beds, indoor and outdoor showers and valley views. The restaurant offers gourmet food with input from both European and Arab cuisine. The hotel’s Thuraya Wellness Spa offers a peaceful salon with a so-called alchemy bar with a wide selection of herbal teas, oils and body scrubs, spa treatments, a fitness center and a yoga studio. As well as organizing visits to UNESCO World Heritage sites in the area, you can also go on activities such as mountain trekking, camel riding and guided UTV tours, or just relax in the pool.Habitas Alula Foto: Habitas AlulaAman New York Foto: Aman New York

Minos Beach Art Hotel Foto: Minos Beach Art Hotel

Minos Beach Art hotel The Londoner Foto: Andrew Beasley Photography Photo: Minos Beach Art hotel Crete, Greece – Minos Beach Art hotel

Crete’s new hotel gem appears as an excellent place to stay in the final phase of the pandemic, when many want to have personal areas to enjoy the holiday on. The Greek five-star hotel offers no less than 121 bungalows and villas with staff pools that are to be sheltered from the neighbours. Medication’s minimalist interior and traditional architectural style, Minos Beach Art hotel oozes luxury, while retaining Crete’s authenticity.

The hotel’s dining establishment is characterized by sluggish food– movement and focuses on the farm to table– concept, where seasonal and local ingredients are in focus. The hotel also has its own health spa, and offers a wide range of activities, with everything from tennis and diving to sustainability excursions where you gain an insight into the island’s sustainability work.

www.minosbeach.comKisawa Sanctuary Foto: Kisawa Sanctuary

Aman New York Foto: Aman New York

Aman New York Photo: Aman New York

New York City, USA – Aman New York
The luxury hotel chain Aman will soon be unveiled a new urban sanctuary in an architectural icon in the heart of Manhattan. Since 1921, the Crown Building has been one of New York’s landmarks, on the corner of Fifth Avenue and 57th Street. The building rises 26 storeys above the street and faces the world’s most recognizable skyline. to Aman’s philosophy of creating hotels beyond common notions of luxury, while paying homage to the building’s architecture and history. Aman New York will consist of 83 hotel rooms as well as restaurants, a garden terrace and bar with a 7,000 square meter outdoor terrace, private members’ club, three-storey Aman Spa, jazz club and wine room.

Kisawa Sanctuary Foto: Kisawa Sanctuary

Kisawa Sanctuary Foto: Kisawa Sanctuary

Kisawa Sanctuary Photo: Kisawa SanctuaryThe Londoner Foto: Andrew Beasley Photography

Benguerra, Mozambique – Kisawa SanctuaryHabitas Alula Foto: Habitas Alula Kisawa Sanctuary is 300 hectares of calm hair and coastal forest on the island of Benguerra in Mozambique. The hotel’s focus is a combination of cultural celebration and environmental protection. Kisawa fully opened in November 2021, with the launch of 22 bungalows, some by the bay and others sheltered by the dunes.
The design is a crucial part of Kisawa’s DNA, where decisions are carefully made to protect the surrounding nature by blending in naturally, rather than disrupting the local landscape. Here you can paint a private pool and beach line, as well as a medspa and several restaurants that serve dishes based on ingredients from the local area.
www.kisawasanctuary.comHotel Hotel Foto: Francisco Nogueira

El Vicenç de la mar Foto: El Vicenç de la mar

El Vicenç de la mar Photo: El Vicenç de la mar

Majorca, Spain – El Vicenç de la mar

In a cove with crystal clear water on Mallorca is the new boutique hotel El Vicenç de la Mar, which contains 35 rooms, including four suites and a Penthouse suite. Some rooms and suites have their own staff terraces, jacuzzi or private swimming pool. The hotel also has multi-level rooftop terraces with a swimming pool, cocktail bar and restaurants where guests can enjoy views of Cala Sant Vicenç and the Sierra Tramuntana Mountains, which are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The hotel also has a small library, cinema and two restaurants with a Michelin-winning chef in the kitchen. Snorkelling, diving, mountain climbing and cycling are just a few activities on the menu, the hotel also has a well-equipped day spa and fitness centre.

Hotel Hotel Foto: Francisco Nogueira

Coco Hotel Foto: Coco Hotel

Coco hotel Photo: Coco hotelThe Londoner Foto: Andrew Beasley Photography

Copenhagen, Denmark – Coco hotel

The hotel is best described as a small Parisian hotel style with a Danish sense of space and time. The interior is a tailored mix between modern and classic, vintage and new, the hotel writes on its own website. In the heart of Vesterbro, Coco is “designed to make you want to stay and never leave”. At street level you will find Café Coco.

The café has direct access to the courtyard and offers breakfast, organic coffee, snacks, treats and a carefully selected wine list and drinks. The hotel also has partnerships with several nearby wellness centers and gourmet restaurants.

Coco Hotel Foto: Coco Hotel

Hotel Hotel Foto: Francisco Nogueira

hotel Photo: Francisco NogueiraThe Londoner Foto: Andrew Beasley Photography

Lisbon, Portugal – hotel hotel

Portugals hotel is part of the hotel organization Design Hotels, and the interior has been created by artists, which gives the property a unique look and feel; defined by red and black marble, a nature-themed color palette of greens, blues, earth tones and greys, and open spaces.

The hotel’s garden, inspired by the nearby botanical garden in Lisbon, brings the outside world in. With 40 rooms in various categories, a dining establishment, a yoga area and a pool, the hotel has what you need for a time out from the hectic city outside.

Grumeti Serengeti River Lodge Foto: Grumeti Serengeti River Lodge

Grumeti Serengeti River Lodge The Londoner Foto: Andrew Beasley Photography Photo: Grumeti Serengeti River Lodge Serengeti, Tanzania – Grumeti Serengeti River Lodge

In June, the luxury tour operator andBeyond opens another exclusive paradise on the African savannah, this time in the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. Grumeti Serengeti River Lodge offers nine luxury suites in the middle of the national park, two of which have two bedrooms, perfect for families with children. Each suite also has a small, private pool. In addition is there is a communal swimming pool with a view of the hippos’ favorite bathing spot in the nearby river, as well as a fitness center and spa room. Here you can experience the Serengeti’s rich wildlife from your hotel bed, you can take part in the daily safari trips or take a trip up in a hot air balloon for spectacular views of the savannah.

www.andbeyond .com

Fasano Trancoso Foto: Daniel Pinheiro

Fasano Trancoso Photo: Daniel PinheiroThe Londoner Foto: Andrew Beasley Photography

Bahia, Brazil – Fasano TrancosoHabitas Alula Foto: Habitas Alula The Brazilian luxury hotel chain Fasano opened this autumn a new hotel in a small fishing village in the south of the Brazilian Bahia medication 40 bungalows spread over 300 hectares- – of which 100 are protected natural areas. Here you live in a lush forest by a warm and usually completely calm sea. The hotel has been designed and prepared with respect for the natural area and the local community.

The restaurant is characterized by its location, with a focus on seafood, as well as Italian cuisine, in line with the medication hotel chain’s DNA . The hotel has two save pools along the personal 500 meter long beach line, which offers a great view of the sea. Bar, health spa and fitness center are of course facilities here.

Fasano Trancoso Foto: Daniel Pinheiro


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