“Nils am See” – Final sprint for the construction of the Seehotel in Weiden am See

Created on09 February 2023|04:14

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Birgit Böhm-Ritter


The rooms are still under construction. They should be bookable from the end of February. “We have already received the first inquiries,” says owner and project developer Stefan Bayer.

Photo: Photo Böhm Knight

E s is drilled, screwed, hammered– on the construction site of the new boutique hotel “Nils am See” work is in full swing, after all it is supposed to open in spring . But there is also a lot of building activity all around.

Where the pension “Seehaus” once stood– in the immediate vicinity of the lido– you can paint a very clear picture of the new boutique hotel “Nils am See”. The targeted opening before Easter will not work out, but project developer and owner Stefan Bayer is assuming only a small delay: “We are aiming for an opening around May 1st.” In view of the turbulent times in the construction industry, a delay, pass away was “not worth mentioning”.

The construction in the midst of the corona pandemic, the war in Ukraine and inflation was enormously challenging. Again and again individual components were not available. The investment costs of 15.7 million euros communicated at the start of construction could therefore not be kept. Bayer speaks of a 20 to 25 percent increase in costs. guy didn’t want to make any compromises, because: “If we score, it’s with quality,” emphasizes Bayer.

View from Weiden’s seaside resort to the new boutique hotel “Nils am See”. The building was planned by the Neusiedler architecture firm Halbritter & & Hillerbrand. The facade is still being greened

Photo: BVZ

Together with his business partner Lucas-Maximilian Lammel, he wants to make the destination in Weiden a popular destination A large target group sees those who quickly leave the big city jungle The proximity to Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest is a big advantage. With 66 rooms and around 120 beds, the “Nils” is considered a small hotel project in the industry. It is precisely with this “family” size that one wants to score points. But that also makes it necessary to see the boutique hotel as part of a “resort” that includes both the lido and the restaurants “das Fritz” and “Zur blauen Gans”. belong to the “Strandbar”. When it comes to cuisine, breakfast is the main focus, classic half-board is not offered. “But there will be a small daily menu,” says Bayer.

Concerns about the lake– with pragmatic access

to the “department” mentioned Of course, Lake Neusiedl also belongs to it, you can see it from almost every room. However, the water level is still worryingly low. When asked about the problem, Bayer emphasizes: “The lake is of course the icing on the cake and very important. Pass The politicians must finally find a solution, but there are many beautiful tourist spots in the world that don’t have water.” Guy must see the whole region. He sees great potential in wine tourism, for example. And he has that in common with his hotel manager Alexander Youssef. Youssef has been responsible for the “Nils am See” and also for the pension “Luis von Weyden” in the town center since November. The latter is still known to locals as Pension Rechberger. All 14 rooms and the café there will be renovated by the end of March.

Youssef gained international experience in Dubai and Great Britain, for example. Brexit and the pandemic prompted him to return to his home country of Austria from London.

By the way, there is also construction going on next to the boutique hotel and opposite the restaurant “Zur blauen Gans”. On the one hand, there is a hotel belonging building with meeting and storage rooms, on the other hand Bayer and Lammel are building another 40 apartments with their real estate company Sundeck, as they have been a few hundred meters further towards the village in the Seepark for a few years.

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