No one wants to audit the past business of the Ministry of Health

Minister of Health Danijel Bešič Loredan Photo: Aleš Beno

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Nihče noče revidirati minulih poslov ministrstva za zdravje Bonnier Our commitment

Ministry of Health received absolutely no offers of audit services for the public procurement for the external audit of itself for the past two years houses, while for the audit of transactions Only one arrived from the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia (ZZZS).

At the Minister of Health Danijelo Bešič Loredan for the years 2021 and 2022, they wanted to order an audit of all remunerations of Ministry of Health employees with the 30 highest salary payments, an audit of the two final accounts of the ministry and the plan of development programs 2021–2024, which also includes an audit of the efficiency of the use of investments in secondary and the tertiary level of health care, funds for financing the covid-19 epidemic and funds for the stabilization of health care financing.

The desired revision refers to the years when the Ministry of Health was headed by two ministers Tomaž Gantar and Janez Poklukar

Data and they want reformČasnik Finance

What does the current minister Bešič Loredan think controversial in the affairs of its predecessors, as we have already written, the Ministry of Health did not tell us, they only said: “The Ministry of Health has decided to order a substantive audit of the ZZZS and the Ministry of Health for the first time in history, as it wants to obtain objective data that will be the basis for further steps in the light of the announced health reform.”

What will they do now, when it appears that there will be no objective data on the past spending of money and the effects of spending on the Ministry of Health, and how will it is not known whether this influenced the preparation of the health reform. The minister predicts the preparation and coordination of the reform for the year 2023, and its implementation starting in 2024. Civil society has woken upČasnik Finance

For now, there are not even outlines of the reform, but the civil initiative Glas ljudstva, known for long-lasting protests during the Janš government, has woken up. Yesterday, the initiative presented the start of the campaign Stop the Destruction of Public Health Care in front of the Polje Hospital in Ljubljana with a petition for the immediate resolution of problems with access to family doctors. They warned that Slovenia no longer guarantees the constitutional right to health care for many. private pockets,” as he said Jaša Jenull

from the initiative. He added that The Legal Network for the Protection of Democracy is preparing a lawsuit on behalf of patients who pay for health insurance but do not have access to health services.

One offer for ZZZS revision Časnik Finance

The public procurement tender for the audit of ZZZS operations for the years 2021 and 2022 was submitted only by the company

accounting from Slovenska Bistrica, which would complete the business in four months for 331,840 euros including VAT, according to the electronic public procurement portal e-JN. Auditor accounting is big business; in 2021, with an average of five employees, it had total revenues of 277,619 euros and a profit of over 9,200 euros. The company is owned by Renata and Andrej Flis
, who can also be found as the owner of two more companies – Revidera (356 thousand revenues last year) and Revidera services (137 thousand revenues).

Among the references in the field of auditing, the Auditor on the website mentions, for example, the office of the President of the Republic, the Ministry of Financing, the Office of the Republic of Slovenia for Budget Control, GZS, various companies… Except for one pharmacy, among their references we do not find audits of health institutes or health insurance companies, which was one of the requirements in the tender.

The Ministry of Health wanted, as we wrote, an audit of pricing and controls over the prices of health services, controls of expenses for specialist-ambulatory and hospital treatment, for wages and other employee expenses and also expenses for goods and services.

Sp let’s also mention that the financial statements and regularity of ZZZS operations, as well as the efficiency of individual business processes, are audited every year by the Court of Auditors.

sourceBonnier Award

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