Nursery owner arrested for mistreatment in MT would have rubbed feces on children's faces

Owners charged up to R$948.00 per child DISCLOSURE

The Civil Police of Mato Grosso formalized a complaint, this Monday (24), against a couple who own a day care center and a children’s hotel, in Sorriso, located in the northern region of the state of Mato Grosso. The nursery owners are accused of torture and ill-treatment of eight children, aged between absolutely no and five years.

According to With Chief Constable Jéssica Assis, from the Care Center for Women, Children and Elderly People at the Sorriso Police Station, the evidence collected during the investigation shows that the couple had been explicitly torturing the children for years, without any action being taken.

” They were convinced of the manipulations they carried out with the parents of the victims and sure that they would not be discovered because most of the children could not even talk, since they were babies”, said the police chief.

Two episodes reported in the investigation drew the attention of the Civil Police during the investigation, committed against two children who stayed in the nursery. In one of them, the owner of the regional would have rubbed her panties and diaper soiled with feces on the victims’ faces, in order to punish them for defecating and educate them according to her method. Another report points out that an autistic child was forced by the owner of the nursery to eat sand, when she forced a handful of sand into the child’s mouth.

During the course of the investigation, the police heard nine former employees of the establishment, who reinforced the complaints made by the parents of the victims and also reported the threats made by the owners of the nursery.

” The testimonies are consistent and confirm several pieces of information that lead to the conclusion that the violations that occurred in the regional were systemic, continuous and extremely serious, to the point of jeopardizing the lives of countless children, for at least four years”, explained Jéssica.

The establishment served children between the ages of five years old, in the center of the city of Sorriso, and charged amounts of up to R$948.00 per child.

Between the aggressions narrated by the witnesses there are reports of slaps on the buttocks and mouth, bites, pulls, blows with rackets, pushing and pinching against the victims. The allegation acts that the acts served to discipline the children. However, the aggressions were attributed to other children, by the owner of the day care center, when questioned by the parents.

In addition, witnesses and one of the victims reported the existence of a “little corner of thought”, which consisted of a dark corridor, which gave access to the owner’s book, where she locked up children who misbehaved and left them alone for up to two hours.

The couple is imprisoned in prison units in the northern region of the state.

By R7


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