Often Scolded and Said, Motive 2 ART Kills Woman Owner of Assirot Hotel Resident

WARTAKOTALIVE.COM, JAKARTA – The police revealed that two household assistants (ART) with the initials FM (31) and SDS (49) killed Naema S Bachmid (63), the owner of the Assirot Resident hotel in the Kebon Jeruk area, West Jakarta.

Head of Sub-Directorate of Criminal Investigation Unit of Polda Metro Jaya, AKBP Indrawienny Panjiyoga explained According to the results of the examination, the suspect admitted that he felt hurt towards the victim.

“The suspects were hurt by the behavior and words of the victim who often spoke harshly to the suspects,” he said during a press conference at the Polda Metro Jaya Headquarters, Thursday (20/4/2023).

The two suspects, said Panjiyoga, planned the murders for two weeks or since early April 2023.

The murder began when the suspects agreed to kill the victim by giving rat poison.

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“FM bought rat poison online, but the plan to kill the victim by means of rat poisoning was abandoned and was not carried out,” said Panjiyoga.

Last Monday (10/4/2023), the two suspects were still getting bad behavior and were scolded by the victim.

This made the suspects unable to stand it and planned to return to kill the victim.

Tangkapan Layar akun YT @jacklyn_choppers. 2 Pelaku pembunuhan wanita Bos Hotel Assirot Jakbar yakni F (pria berbaju ungu/biru) dan S, perempuan pirang mengenakan sweater merahTangkapan Layar akun YT @jacklyn_choppers. 2 Pelaku pembunuhan wanita Bos Hotel Assirot Jakbar yakni F (pria berbaju ungu/biru) dan S, perempuan pirang mengenakan sweater merah

Screenshot of the YT account @jacklyn_choppers. The 2 perpetrators of the murder of the Assirot Jakbar hotel boss, namely F (a man in a purple/blue shirt) and S, a blonde woman wearing a red sweatshirt (YouTube account @jacklyn_choppers)

“The suspect FM planned to kill the victim by tying and taping the victim’s mouth. This plan was approved by the suspect SDS,” he said.

The next day, FM ordered SDS to buy duct tape at the mini market.

After buying the tape, it was then placed at the reception desk.

On Wednesday (12/4/2023), the victim again scolded FM, causing the suspect to feel hurt over the victim’s treatment.

FM pushed the victim from behind until he fell to the ground, then the suspect pinned his body down and covered him the victim’s mouth using his hands.

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” The suspect SDS came to help the suspect by wrapping the victim’s mouth with duct tape. “Because the victim continued to struggle, the suspect FM took a clothesline from his trouser pocket which had previously been prepared, and the clothesline was wrapped around the victim’s neck,” he said.


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