On tour with Tokio Hotel: Heidi Klum raves about “crunchy” Tom

On tour with Tokio hotel Heidi Klum raves about “crunchy” Tom

30042023, 1:40 p.m.

As a prelude to their upcoming tour, Tokio hotel will be performing in Berlin last weekend. Together with her mother Erna, Heidi Klum cheers on the Kaulitz twins. On Instagram, she gives fans an insight into the spectacular show.

After the rehearsal, hardly anything can go wrong: Tokio hotel performed a warm-up concert in Berlin over the weekend as part of their upcoming ‘Beyond The World’ tour, which starts in London on April 30th and ends in Poland on May 22nd. At their rehearsal gig in Germany’s capital, the four musicians had a special fan with them: Heidi Klum, who cheered for the band during their performance and took photos and filmed them diligently.

On Instagram, she gave fans and followers an insight into the spectacular show. Alongside Bill Kaulitz’s on-stage vocal performance, 49-year-old Klum also shared a group selfie with her brother-in-law and husband Tom Kaulitz. The followers also saw a video and a picture of her mother Erna Klum, who was also part of the party, as well as several clips with backstage impressions.

A video, for example, shows Heidi Klum dancing and dressed in Tokio hotel merchandise. In another, she first congratulated Bill on his successful performance: “I enjoyed that.” Then she kissed her husband Tom Kaulitz on the lips and enthused: “You were the hottest.”


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