Orange welcomed at the hotel after a win over the US, Louis van Gaal is not unaffected


Euphoria all around the Orange, although Van Gaal had been critical of his team’s performance against the US a few hours earlier. “We have not yet executed the possession properly, especially in the first half, but we do score two great goals. You have to take that into account,” he said at NOS. ) Van Gaal had used ‘provocative pushing’ to lure the opponent out of the camping tent and create space behind the US defenders. “We could have done that much better and we have to,” said the national coach. “Because you have won 3-1, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to anymore. We’re going to play against stronger opponents later, then you have to play more in possession.”

The national coach made two substitutions at half-time “because we suffered too much unnecessary loss of possession”. “In the second half we started to play better in possession and we will make an objective from that,” said Van Gaal. “I’m very proud of that, but we can do much better.” Lionel Messi’s Argentina now awaits in the quarterfinals. Here is inserted material from a social network network that wants to write or read cookies. You have not given permission for this.


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