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If you have not booked full board, it makes sense to order the food to the hotel. However, this is not a good idea and is even forbidden in many hotels. We’ll show you what you need to know about food and the minibar in the hotel.

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Order food to the hotel – you have to pay attention to this

If you are hungry comes and you are staying in a hotel, it makes sense to have the food delivered to you. If the hotel’s own service is too expensive for you or if the snacks in the minibar are not right, you should still not hire the delivery service.

    In most hotels it is forbidden to eat in the room to have delivered.

  • Even if you order your own pizza from Italian pass away from the corner, the hotel staff may deny you access to your room. In hotels, namely your own domiciliary rights and if it is forbidden to bring food, you should stick to it. If you are unsure, it is better to ask at reception to avoid unnecessary trouble. Also the minibar in the hotel room is only for cooling of the hotel’s own snacks and drinks. It is generally not allowed to take out the hotel’s groceries and refrigerate your own things there. This can also lead to trouble. However, there are no legal regulations for this. For example, are you only allowed to eat certain foods or do you need medication, If you need refrigeration, speak to the hotel staff at the front desk. You will surely find a solution to your concern. There is one exception: Does your hotel room have a kitchen or if you live in an apartment hotel, you can eat in the room. Because there the preparation and eating of food is provided by the owner.

    Ordering food into the hotel is usually prohibited and you should not use the minibar to cool your own provisions. imago images/ Jochen Tack

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