Orlando converts hotel room into townhouse to tackle housing crisis

With rent cost $750 per month city from Orlando transforms hotel book into affordable housing

One of the possible solutions to the real estate crisis, according to planning experts, is to convert hotel books into studios to create lower prices in an extremely expensive market .

Rent at $750 per month

From the Writing— Seeking solutions to solve the real estate crisis in Orlando, the city, in partnership with the developer “One Stop Housing”, plans to convert books from hotel to studios to create lower prices in an extremely expensive market. With this, the hotel “Palm Gardens Orlando Apartments”, will be transformed into a regional of accessible apartments.

The cost of rent per apartment will be around $750 per month, with the aim of alleviating the housing crisis faced by Central Florida residents. The average rent for a unit per month in the city is over $1,500seguro

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Apartments will have hurricane-proof windows and new air conditioners, among other things, according to Francisco Barberena, property manager. Orlando is the second least affordable market, with only 25 affordable units available for every 100 low-income households. According to the National Low Income Housing Coalition, there are only 36 affordable rental units available for every 100 low-income renter families.

” For someone or family that needs a clean, safe and accessible place it is almost an impossible task to rent an apartment and the demand to live in Orlando has increased. We always had a list waiting list and there are currently 100 people on that list for each of our properties,” said Mark Vengroff, developer at “One Stop Housing.”

The purchase of “Palm Gradens Orlando Apartments” came out at $7.150 billion. The redevelopment of the property is estimated at an additional $15,000,000 million, which is expected to add 150 multi-family units.

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