Parties, beatings and prison. Paris Hilton publishes shocking memoir

Kateřina Vodvářková

The most famous heir to a hotel empire in the world, the American Paris Hilton, publishes her memoirs at the age of 42. In addition to her fabulous fortune, people around the world also know her for her wild parties, scandals and even a stint behind bars. And it is about the pitfalls of privileged youth that she talks about in her new book.

The world of modeling, her own reality show Paris is looking for a best friend, the publication of titillating pictures and recordings or repeated driving under the influence, for which she spent 45 days behind bars.

It’s no wonder that Paris Hilton has appeared on the pages of the world’s tabloids as many times as almost no one else in the last decade. Not to mention, she’s been obsessed with parties since she was 15.

“All the glitter, all the costumes, she’s attracted to it, it’s like a child in a fairy tale, but at the same time it’s just her shield,” said mom Paris Kathy Hilton. Paris Hiltonová se stala maminkou. První fotka s vytouženým miminkem Paris Hiltonová se stala maminkou. První fotka s vytouženým miminkem

Her exuberant youth went hand in hand with defiance towards her parents, who raised her in relatively strict conditions. She also spent several months at a boarding school and still remembers the practices there to this day. Beatings and strangulations were said to be no exception.

“These places have great marketing and the children’s families have no idea. My parents thought they were sending me to a normal boarding school. The brochures said pictures of laughing children and rainbows,” described Paris.

Now 42-year-old Paris writes about this in her new book. She feels that no one in the world really knows her story and wants to show her honest face. For several years, she has been in business, devoted herself to music and now spends a lot of time with her husband and first-born son. Spojení mytologie a města. Paris Hiltonová prozradila jméno syna
Paris Hiltonová se stala maminkou. První fotka s vytouženým miminkem

“I used to travel 250 days a year. But now I’m a mom and I refuse a lot of things because I want to be there for all the important moments. I try to work a lot from home. I love my little boy,” she added.

One of the most important moments, the birth, but she missed it . Paris decided to use a surrogate mother.

And she could afford it without blinking an eye. The value of her property, excluding family hotels, is estimated at six billion crowns thanks to perfumes, clothes or music. In 2014, she was even the best-paid DJ in the world.


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