Pastor intimidates believers who refused to stand: “Do you want comfort? Go to the hotel”

A video where a pastor embarrasses the faithful who did not get up to pray is going viral on social networks, with many criticisms of the religious leader.

The images are from Assembly of God Campinas church in Itaberaí, Goiás, and the pastor who appears fighting with the faithful is Gilson Miranda De Carvalho, pastor president.

” There’s a group of people sitting there, it’s for stand up now. There’s a hole there, where is it? If you’re standing up, raise your hand, otherwise I’m going to teach you how to worship Jesus. It’s not to sit, it’s to stand and worship Jesus.”

Pastor Gilson comes down from the altar and goes to people so they can get up. “If you are sick, we pray and God heals. Do you want comfort? Go to the hotel. Here is a place of sacrifice”, he declared.

And he continued: “Respect the Anointing of God in this place, respects God’s direction. If each one were to do what comes into their head, there would be no need for a pastor. The narrow door”.

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Writing/ Leiliane Lopes


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