Pastor stabbed in ambush after preaching to Sikhs in India

O pastor Sukhdev Mark, de 47 anos, foi atacado por três homens. (Foto: Morning Star News). Pastor Sukhdev Mark, 47 years old, was attacked by three men.( Photo: Morning Star News).

A shepherd in North

India was stabbed in an ambush while working as a taxi driver.

On September 14, Sukhdev Mark, 47 years old, picked up a passenger from a regional cult of Sikhism, an Indian religion that mixes Hinduism and Islam, and dropped him off at a hotel in Ambala, in the state from Haryana.

During the trip Pastor Mark gave an evangelistic tract and the Sikh man politely accepted .

The next day, the passenger called the leader asking for a ride to Amritsar airport.

” I said, ‘Okay, I don’t have a problem’, so he asked me again: ‘Are you a pastor?'” Mark told Morning Star News .

” I told him, ‘Yes, I lead a small church and also share the Gospel , and I drive a taxi for a living'”.

The leader, married and father of two , said he did not suspect that the trip with the Sikh could be dangerous.

” During the trip to Amritsar, we didn’t talk much. He was working on his laptop computer and had an iPhone, so I thought he must be an educated man. I didn’t find him suspicious as he appeared to be a well mannered gentleman. He asked for my phone number and defined the regional for instructions to follow the route”, said Mark.

Until the Sikh man asked the leader to take a shortcut online forum of the route. “There were some shops and I thought he would like to buy some refreshments or snacks. But he asked me to pull out of the back lane, and as we pulled off that adjacent route, three men came on a scooter and stopped the taxi on the main road,” the pastor reported.

The passenger stated that the men were his friends and asked Mark to remove his bags from the car.

” When I went to the back of the taxi to get my bags, the three men attacked me with knives. They had cutters and knives and they started cutting me while the Sardarji [title used for Sikh men] looked on,” said the pastor.

Mark was wounded in the hands and abdomen. “I was bleeding profusely and started screaming for help. When I started screaming for help, the three criminals crossed the street and fled, and the Sikh also tried to escape from the regional,” he said.

“He didn’t pay me the taxi fare and instead was cursing me as he ran”.

The pastor tried to call for help at a nearby hotel. “I was told to get out of there. I kept asking them to tell me where the nearest police station was and I told them what happened”, he reported.

Without receiving any help, the leader tied a cloth, which he had in the car, to his abdomen and drove with just one hand to the police station.

After confiscating his taxi, the police took Mark to the health center, where he was able to contact his wife and other Christian leaders, who helped transfer him to Gurunanak Hospital.

” But that night, I didn’t get any treatment. In the morning I was in a bad state. The doctors told me that I should have surgery immediately”, he said.

The surgery left the pastor with 30 stitches. He recovered and was discharged on September 23.

According to the legal coordinator from Punjab and Haryana states, Amritsar Police arrested the three attackers and charged them with attempted murder.

Persecution in India

India is among the top 10 countries that most persecute the Church, according to 2022 World Watch List In the second most populous country in the world , Hindu extremists believe that all Indians should follow Hinduism and that there should be neither Christians nor Muslims in the country.

To achieve this goal they use a lot of violence, especially against Christians. Those who give up Hinduism to become following Christ are negatively pointed out for believing in a foreign faith and are often blamed for the bad luck that befalls communities.

It is common for ex-Hindu Christians to be physically attacked and sometimes even killed.

Source: Guide me with information from The Christian Post source

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