Pavel Antow is dead: Russia's richest MP fell from the 3rd floor in India

Russian MP mysteriously dies

Updated on 27.122022 Reading time: 2 min.

Pavel Antov: Der russische Unternehmer und Politiker ist auf einer Indienreise gestorben. Pavel Antov: The Russian businessman and politician has died on a trip to India. (Source: Telegram/ Vyacheslav Kartukhin)

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One of the richest Abgeo ranked Russia is kid. Pavel Antov died on a vacation trip in India. Only a few days earlier, one of his traveling companions, toddler, had been found.

Pavel Antov, a rich Russian politician, is on a holiday trip in India died. As the Indian television station NDTV reported, the 65-year-old was found in a pool of blood in front of a hotel in the eastern Indian city of Rayagada last Saturday. The Russian Consulate General in Calcutta later announced that he fell from the third floor of a hotel.

Antov was traveling with a group of four and had checked into the hotel last Wednesday. Only a few days before his death, on December 22, the body of another Russian was discovered in a room in the same hotel: Vladimir Budanov was said to have traveled with Antov. According to information from


the 61-year-old is said to have died of a heart attack.

Russian authorities: Death under “tragic circumstances “

The Russian Consulate General in Kolkata has contacted the police about the two deaths, the Russian state news agency Tass reported. There was no evidence of a crime.

Russian authorities also confirmed Antov’s death. He died under “tragic circumstances,” said Legislative Assembly Deputy Chairman Vyacheslav Kartukhin in a Telegram message.

” Forbes” listed Antov as the richest deputy in Russia

Antov is the founder of the meat company “Vladimir Standard” and a deputy of Vladimir Putin’s ruling party “United Russia”. In 2019, according to the financial newspaper “Forbes”, with an income of 9.97 billion rubles (the equivalent of more than 134 million euros), he took first place in the ranking of the richest officials and deputies in Russia. Antov is survived by his wife and a daughter.

In June this year, Antov was reportedly critical of Moscow’s war of aggression against the Ukraine and called Russian missile attacks “terror”. His entry was later deleted from the network. Antov publicly apologized and spoke of a technical error.

In recent months, a series of mysterious deaths of Russian oligarchs have led to speculation about possible punitive actions by the Kremlin.


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